October 29, 2018



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On October 24, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new Health and Wellness Facility at Irvine Valley College.

Pictured from left to right: Nancy Montgomery, Asst. Dean Health, Wellness & Veterans; Cindy Vyskocil, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources; Kathleen F. Burke, Chancellor; Glenn R. Roquemore, IVC President; Timothy Jemal, President of the Board of Trustees; James Wright, Trustee; Marcia Milchiker, Trustee; Robert Bramucci, Vice Chancellor, Technology & Learning Services; Keith Shackleford, IVC Dean of Health Science, Kinesiology and Athletics


The meeting was called to order by President Timothy Jemal at 6:30 pm.


1) Invocation by Trustee James Wright


2) Pledge of Allegiance by Trustee Barbara Jay


3) Board Reports:

  • Trustee Jay thanked Doug Barr for his work on the history of Saddleback College. She also shared that she attended the OC Business Council Economic Forecast and found it to be very informative and insightful.
  • President Jemal attended the groundbreaking of the Health and Wellness Center at IVC. He also offered his condolences to the victims and survivors of the synagogue shooting.
  • Trustee Lang attended Saddleback’s homecoming game and festivities and is planning to attend the Outstanding Teacher of the Year event on November 2. He remarked that he is greatly saddened and angered about the recent synagogue shooting.
  • Trustee Milchiker thanked her colleagues for their remarks regarding the recent national tragedies. She then informed the Board about her recent activities.  She was interviewed on LWTV in the first week of October, attended the OC Community College Legislative Taskforce, spoke at a student club at IVC, participated in the Walk of Hope to End Suicide, attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Health and Wellness Center at IVC and the OC Business Council Economic Forecast.
  • Trustee Prendergast echoed the other Trustees’ sentiments about the recent synagogue shooting.  He also mentioned that he is looking forward to attending the Teacher of the Year event on Friday, November 2.
  • Trustee Whitt shares other Trustees’ sentiments about the synagogue shooting. She enjoyed attending the recent Board of Trustee Retreat. She also thanked Doug Barr for all of his work on compiling the history of Saddleback College. Lastly, she invited everyone to be on her team for the 5K Walk/Run on November 10 in support of Veterans Affairs.
  • Trustee Wright appreciated the comments from other trustees regarding the synagogue shooting. He said that he attended the public forums regarding the selection of a new SC President and a number of other events at both colleges.
  • Student Trustee Hoang informed the Board that she attended the recent ASG Leadership Retreat and found it to be very informative and engaging. She also shared that she met with SC President Buysse regarding forums she is planning to host on both campuses to discuss a variety of student needs and concerns.
  • Chancellor’s Report: Chancellor Kathleen Burke thanked the Board for expressing their concerns regarding recent events and tragedies taking place across our nation. She then updated the board on the status of the Saddleback College President recruitment. Written Report
  • Irvine Valley College President’s Report: President Glenn Roquemore announced and praised IVC’s volleyball coach, Tom Pestolesi, on being named the 2017-18 Women’s Coach of the Year for all sports in the Orange Empire Conference. Irvine Valley College Written Report
  • Saddleback College President’s Report: Interim President James Buysse shared that it has been an extremely busy few weeks at Saddleback College. The college hosted forums for students, faculty, staff, and the public to meet the four SC Board President finalists, dealt with a major power outage and hosted the California Community College Assessment Association’s annual two-day conference. Saddleback College Written Report
  • Associated Student Government Reports: Saddleback College ASG President Perry Meade informed the Board that the ASG is coordinating transportation to the polls on election day for students, and is working to create a newsletter to promote housing and safety issues. ASGIVC Written Report.

4) Consent Calendar Items

  • Approved minutes of the regular meeting held on September 24, 2018 and special meeting held on September 29, 2018. Item 5.1, Exhibits A-B
  • Approved curriculum revisions as recommended by the Curriculum Committee in consultation with the Academic Senate for the 2019-2020 academic year. Item 5.2, Exhibit A
  • Approved contract amendment with Goodwill Industries of Orange County for providing interpreting services for hearing impaired students of Irvine Valley College for $200,000 effective July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Item 5.3, Exhibits A-C
  • Approved award from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office for the Veterans Resource Center Grant Program for $200,000 effective October 1, 2018 through December 31, 2021. Item 5.4, Exhibits A-C
  • Approved general fund honoraria for speakers for events and/or classes at Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College. Item 5.5, Exhibit A 
  • Approved the proposed curriculum changes for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years at Saddleback College. Item 5.6, Exhibits A-C 
  • Approved amendment with wikiTHINK to provide Community Education programs for a total amount not to exceed $110,000 for services provided from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020. Item 5.7, Exhibits A-B 
  • Approved college student out of state travel for the participants, date, location and costs. Item 5.9, Exhibit A
  • Approved the sale or disposal of surplus property and authorized the Executive Director of Procurement, Central Services and Risk Management to hire a private auction firm to conduct the auction and/or donate, recycle or dispose of items. Item 5.10, Exhibit A
  • Approved trustees’ requests for attending conference(s). Item 5.11, Exhibits A-C
  • Adopted Resolution No. 18-27 to amend the budget as listed. Item 5.12, Exhibit A
  • Ratified transfer of budget appropriations as listed. Item 5.13, Exhibit A
  • Ratified change orders and amendments as listed. Item 5.14, Exhibit A
  • Ratified purchase orders and checks as listed. Item 5.15, Exhibits A-C
  • Ratified contracts as listed. Item 5.16, Exhibits A-B


5) General Action Items

  • After a lively discussion, Trustees approved proposed goals for the period commencing July 2018 through December 2019. Item 6.2
  • Adopted a resolution authorizing the acquisition of a landscape easement from Southern California Edison for the Irvine Valley College Barranca Entrance project. Item 6.3, Exhibit A
  • Approved Grant of Easement and Purchase and Sale agreement with Southern California Edison for the Irvine Valley College Barranca Entrance project, for a contract value of $7,200, and authorized the Chancellor and/or designee to make necessary changes to fully execute completion of the transactions. Item 6.4, Exhibits A-B
  • Approved award from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office for the Awards for Innovation in Higher Education grant for $2,000,000 and authorize the Vice Chancellor of Business Services to enter into this agreement. Item 6.5Exhibits A-C
  • Ratified a License to Use Agreement between Saddleback College and FLS International at a rental rate of $10,243 per month and approved the final renewal option extending the term for an additional one (1) year from June 20, 2018 through June 19, 2019. Item 6.6, Exhibits A-B
  • Approved Interact Communications, Inc. Amendment for Saddleback College Public Relations/ Advertising Consulting Services for Orange County Strong Workforce Program in the amount of $1,000,000 for a new contract value not to exceed $2,190,500 exercising the option to extend the term for an additional one year from January 1 through December 31, 2019. Item 6.7, Exhibits A-C
  • Approved an agreement with Bernards for Construction Management Services for the Saddleback College Access Control project, for a not to exceed amount of $399,968, for the period covering November 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019. Item 6.8, Exhibits A-B
  • Approved the Saddleback College Study Abroad Program to Oxford, England, for March 14, 2019 to May 17, 2019, and authorized the administration to execute the Educational Tour/Field Study Travel Contractor Agreement with the American Institute for Foreign Study for coordinating all travel agreements. Item 6.9, Exhibits A-E
  • Approved the award of contract to MIG, Inc. to provide Consultancy Services for the Development of District and Colleges’ Education Master and Strategic Plans for a cost not to exceed $234,675 for a contract period of November 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019. Item 6.10, Exhibits A-B
  • Approved amendment to amended and restated ground lease and authorized the execution by the Chancellor and/or the Vice Chancellor of Business Services of any documents necessary to carry out the terms thereof. Item 6.11, Exhibit A
  • Approved award of Bid for the ATEP temporary fencing project and approved agreement with Amtek Construction, in the amount of $783,333. Item 6.12, Exhibits A-B
  • Adopted a resolution authorizing Crestron audio visual equipment as the single source standard for procurement district-wide. Item 6.13, Exhibit A
  • Adopted a resolution authorizing the purchase of audio visual equipment through the Los Angeles Community College District Master Agreement with Golden Star Technology Inc. dba GST with an active term through November 1, 2021. Item 6.14, Exhibit A
  • Approved a variety of board policies. Item 6.15, Exhibits A-U
  • Accepted for review and study a number of revisions to board policies. Item 6.16, Exhibits A-O
  • Welcomed new staff: Diana Aguilar, SC Learning Assistance Specialist; Jessica Danielle Caldwell, SC Senior Administrative Assistant; Chris Constan, Programmer Analyst; Marina Devine, SC Office Assistant for Online Education; Medhanie Ephrem, Director of ATEP Development; John Joseph Hartman, SC Program Technician; Victoria Mishustina Hosseini, IVC Senior Administrative Assistant; Brittany Leila Ramchandani, IVC Senior Administrative Assistant; Karina Rodriguez, IVC Senior Counseling Office Assistant.


View On-Line

The South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees' meeting may be viewed online at www.socccd.edu

South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Timothy Jemal, President

Marcia Milchiker, Vice-President

T.J. Prendergast III, Clerk

Barbara J. Jay, Member

David B. Lang, Member

Terri Whitt, Member

James R. Wright, Member

Evelyn Hoang, Student Trustee

Kathleen F. Burke, Ed.D, Chancellor.

Board Meeting Highlights Prepared By:
Heather Moro

Interim Director of Public Affairs & Government Relations