Chancellor Search


Based on input from Chancellor’s Council, Faculty, Classified Staff, Administration/Management, and Board of Trustees.


  • In philosophy and experience, is guided by a deep commitment to the mission of the community college as well as the needs and success of students and the communities from which they come.


  • Exhibits evidence of a deep commitment to collegial consultation with all constituent groups—in building strong teams, creating a unified direction for the District, and inclusive decision making in accomplishing institutional objectives.


  • Exhibits personal/professional ethics and integrity in all behavior and relationships; is transparent and brings a strong sense of fairness and equity to all decision making; expects accountability in oneself and others.


  • Values diversity in all its forms as an institutional imperative, both in achieving student access and success and in the composition of all employee groups.


  • Is a strategic thinker, transformational leader and effective change agent: cultivates a clear vision and focus on continuous improvement of institutional effectiveness; leads effective planning, implementation and on-going data-driven assessment; is a creative and a reasoned risk-taker; and is action- and results-oriented, responding to situations in a timely manner and delegating appropriately.


  • Possesses the emotional intelligence to do the job: gauges people and political situations effectively, both internally and externally; exhibits patience, flexibility, and tolerance of ambiguity when necessary.


  • Exhibits strong problem solving skills in a complex organizational environment: courage and perseverance in addressing challenges and confrontations; deliberate in assessing conflicting perspectives; and achieves consensus among divergent views in a sensitive but expeditious manner.


  • Communicates effectively, both orally and in writing, and listens well, fostering strong relationships, shared priorities, trust, and a call to action; understands the value of effective communication protocols and strategies; is accessible and visible, both on and off campus; has the ability to build effective teams; and inspires people and organizations to perform at their best.


  • Provides leadership for the allocation and management of fiscal, human, physical, and technological resources using priorities and systems that are focused on enhancing student success and institutional effectiveness.


  • Understands and supports the increasing role of technology in higher education, in the teaching/learning environment and resource management.


  • Understands the California collective bargaining environment and the importance of working effectively with employee groups, through both successful negotiations outcomes and effective employee contract administration.


  • Understands the California community college policy, regulatory, legal, and accreditation environments; has relevant management experience in navigating such issues.


  • Attends to personal professional development and values that in all constituent groups, including the Board of Trustees.


  • Is committed to being an integral part of the District’s external environment, both as an individual and an institutional representative, in advancing the success of students. Is an advocate for the District in pursuing: political and regulatory initiatives; beneficial and innovative partnerships with business, educational entities and other governmental agencies; public and private community support; and external resource development through pursuit of grant funding; and productive institutional foundations.


  • Understands the respective leadership roles of a governing board and administration as well as strategies and practices that facilitate effective operations.