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2019-2020 Board Goals

Each year the SOCCCD Board of Trustees conducts an evaluation of its performance in order to continually assess its effectiveness. The process includes surveys of board members and employees, discussion of the surveys, and a workshop to review outcomes and set goals. Click the link to view a brochure highlighting the Board's 2019-2020 Goals.

GOALS: Board of Trustee Goals for 2019-2020

The board committed to the following eight measurable goals:
1. Increase degrees and certificates by 15% above the 2016-2017 base number of 6,631 to 7,626.

2. Increase by 10% the number of transfer students from the 2016-2017 base number of 6,165 for a January 2021 goal of 6,782.

3. Increase the percent of exiting CTE students who report being employed or advanced in their field above the 2016-2017 base of 67% at Irvine Valley College and 65% at Saddleback College.

4. Decrease the average number of units accumulated by SOCCCD students earning their associate degree below the 2016-2017 base of 88 units district-wide.

5. Decrease achievement gaps of 2017-2018 college identified groups by 10%.

6. Maintain life-long learning and the Emeritus Program enrollment, at a minimum, at the level of enrollments in the 2016-2017 academic year of 3,948 at Irvine Valley College and 33,405 at Saddleback College.

7. Initiate student and employee housing feasibility studies for Irvine Valley College, Saddleback College and ATEP.

8. Continue to develop the ATEP campus in the following areas:
    • Increase enrollments at ATEP above the 2018-2019 base of 1,702.
    • Develop preliminary planning for the SC building(s) at ATEP.
    • Continue to identify and evaluate prospective tenants for ATEP.


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