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Chancellor's Office

The Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the District and supervises the college presidents, vice chancellors, and other District Services administrators and managers. The Chancellor is responsible for setting and communicating expectations for educational excellence and integrity throughout the District and support for the effective operation of the colleges. The Chancellor acts as liaison between the colleges and the governing board, and provides for the fair distribution of resources, control of expenditures, strategic institutional development, District-wide strategic planning, accreditation, and long term financial stability of the District and colleges.

Key Contacts

Ann-Marie Gabel
Interim Chancellor (949) 582-4840 Email Ms. Gabel
Grace Garcia    
Manager, Office of the Chancellor and Trustee Services (949) 582-4841 Email Grace
Natalie Cooney  
Executive Assistant, Office of the Chancellor and Trustee Services (Acting) (949) 582-4630 Email Natalie