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District-Wide Planning

SOCCCD engages in extensive planning efforts to meet short term and long term goals. Here are a few guiding documents.

District-wide Strategic Plan 2014-2020

The SOCCCD District-wide Strategic Plan 2014-2020 fully integrates with the Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College Strategic Plans. The plan is managed by the District-wide Planning Council, a participatory governance group.

Strategic Planning Goals for 2014-2020

Goal 1: SOCCCD will foster an environment characterized by creativity, innovation, respectful interactions and collaboration.

Goal 2: SOCCCD will promote students' success by enhancing the teaching and learning environment.

Goal 3: SOCCCD will advance economic and workforce development through regional partnerships with educational institutions and industry and by strengthening career technical education.

Goal 4: SOCCCD will strengthen long-term financial health and institutional effectiveness through integrated planning and resource allocation.

Planning and Decision Making

The SOCCCD District-wide Planning and Decision Making Manual 2015-2020 describes how decisions get made, links budget allocation to planning (see District-Wide Integrated Budget Planning Resource Guide), and explains the role of district-wide committees in decision making.

Education and Facilities Master Plan 2011-2031

This is the district's long term planning document.

              1. SOCCCD Overview

              2. Saddleback College Education Plan

              3. Irvine Valley College Education Plan

              4. Saddleback College Facilities Plan

              5. Irvine Valley College Facilities Plan