South Orange County Community College District


May 24 , 2004







  • Board Clerk Thomas Fuentes announced that the Board of Trustees appointed Dr. Richard McCullough, by unanimous vote, to be the Saddleback College President beginning on July 1, 2004 .

South Orange County Community College District

Dr. McCullough said to all in attendance, “It is truly an honor, along with a great sense of responsibility, to be named president of Saddleback College .   I will cherish the honor and I will accept the responsibility.”  


  • Diane Turner was approved as director of public information and marketing for Saddleback College , effective June 1, 2004 .


South Orange County Community College District

  • Sona Smetanova, an IVC student, was sworn in by President Donald P. Wagner as the student member of the South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees.  




  • All Board members congratulated Dr. McCullough, welcomed Student Trustee Smetanova, and commented on what a special time of year this is because of scholarship events, commencements, and retirements.  
  • Trustee David Lang extended his congratulations to the many faculty and administrators who are retiring this year and said they will be greatly missed.  
  • Trustee Marcia Milchiker mentioned that she had not missed a commencement since her election in 1985.  
  • Vice President Nancy Padberg said she was on the hiring committee for the new president and therefore had great respect for the work that goes into the hiring process and the work ahead to replace retirees.  
  • Trustee John Williams said former student trustee Phil Erquiaga was unable to attend commencement because he had been in a car accident, and wished him well.  
  • Student Trustee Smetanova said she looked forward to working with everyone as a team.   She has developed a student survey to find out additional programs and ideas.   She will be in Washington , D.C. soon and will discuss with legislators the district's homeland security program and more funding for our colleges.  
  • Chancellor Raghu Mathur shared the good news that summer school enrollment was up 22% to date.   The colleges are offering approximately 50% more classes than last year, which is attracting more students.   The Governor's goal of adopting the state budget by the end of June looks like it will be achieved.   Community Colleges are expecting an increase of 3.5% per student with a 7% increase in total state-determined funds.   The district received a bill for $423,408.17 from the County of Orange for the special board election in March.   The State Community College System Office approved the preliminary plans for the IVC performing arts theatre.  
  • Saddleback College President Dixie Bullock thanked all the faculty and staff who were part of accreditation self-study efforts, and introduced many in attendance at the meeting.   She announced that the baseball team qualified for the state tournament in Fresno , for the second year in a row.   The paramedic program just received confirmation that it is nationally accredited and the nursing program had a 100% pass rate last quarter on the state licensing examinations.

  • Irvine Valley College President Glenn Roquemore thanked all the faculty and staff who were part of accreditation efforts.   His written report included mention of: Emeritus Institute's community showcase event, adjunct professor Tam Do was honored at the United Nations for his humanitarian efforts to deliver medical care in Vietnam; and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society was awarded the highly coveted “most outstanding new reactivated chapter” at the PTK regional convention.    
  • Addressing the board were: Dr. Carmen Dominguez, Saddleback College Academic Senate; Wendy Gabriella, IVC Academic Senate; Mary Williams, CSEA; Bill Hewitt, Faculty Association; and Rachel Hipolite, Saddleback College Associated Student Government.




  • all consent calendar items.   If you wish to know specifics, please contact the Office of the President or Deputy Chancellor.  
  • Consolidation of the biennial governing board election to be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2004 .
  • an agreement for the manufacture and supply of relocatable classroom buildings for the Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP) satellite campus in Tustin .  
  • ten district goals for 2004-05, for review and study.
  • award of a bid for the roof replacement on the BGS Building at Saddleback College .  



Information Items of Note. . .


  • Saddleback College and IVC accreditation self-study reports.
  • architectural design of the initial facilities at ATEP.





  • IVC Senior Electrician Michael Boquet was presented a board resolution for his generous donation of tuna over the past seven years that feeds crowds in excess of 200.


South Orange County Community College District


While not present at the board meeting, President Roquemore accepted the resolution on Michael Boquet's behalf and presented it to him the next day.

  • SOCCCD Forensics Team was presented with a board resolution for winning the National Parliamentary Debate Association yearlong sweepstakes and the national tournament sweepstakes for the third consecutive year, in addition to many other accomplishments.   The team was directed by IVC Professor Gary Rybold and Saddleback College Professor Larry Radden and coached to tournament victories by Edwin Tiongson, William Neesen, John Lewellen, Apryl Nite, and Michele Doty.


South Orange County Community College District

Forensics team co-director and IVC Professor Gary Rybold accepted resolutions on behalf of team's many accomplishments this year.  

Special Note


  • This board meeting is being televised on Friday, May 28, and Saturday, May 29, at 7pm, Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33.  


South Orange County Community College District

Chancellor Mathur and the South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees




Board Meeting Update Prepared by:
Tracy Daly, Director
Marketing, Government & Community Relations