Board Meeting Highlights

South Orange County Community College District

October 24, 2011


IVC Chief of Police Will Glen
Honored by the State of California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST)

Irvine Valley College Chief of Police
Will Glen
was honored by Stephanie Scofield from the California Commission on POST for his commitment to meeting the state standards for the training of police officers and dispatchers at IVC.

POST also recognized Chief Glen for his continual dedication to professional development and training, resulting in the attainment of the executive certificate, a ten year commitment and highest level of training attainable for peace officers.

President Glenn Roquemore was not in attendance at the meeting due to an accreditation visit but Chancellor Gary Poertner and members of the board thanked Chief Glen for setting high training standards that enhance the safety of our students and staff.


South Orange County Community College District

South Orange County Community College District






South Orange County Community College District
  • All consent calendar items and academic and classified personnel actions, except items 5.9 which was tabled and item 6.7 B.1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and C.8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 which were pulled. As a result, items 6.7 F.a, b, c, d, e f, g and h cannot be implemented. For additional information, please contact the Office of the Chancellor, College President or Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.
  • acceptance of a sub-award grant for $15,000 from the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL) at the University of Central Florida to identify and train new technicians for Irvine Valley College's education programs devoted to lasers, optics, and photonics technology.
  • acceptance of an agreement between Yosemite Community College District, the Child Development Training Consortium, and Saddleback College in the amount of $10,000.00 to assist students with enrollment fee reimbursement, textbook reimbursement and application procedures for the Child Development permit.
  • announcement for recruitment of new and replacement faculty positions according to the priorities provided by both colleges.
  • multiple contract awards for equipment and furniture for the James B. Utt Learning Resource Center renovation at Saddleback College not to exceed $2,135,000.


  • a $50,000 decrease in project costs for demolition work at ATEP.
  • revision of the following board policies: BP-4201.2-Change in Position of Classified Management Personnel, BP-6200-Honorary Degrees, and BP-2100-Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor.
  • tentative Faculty Association Academic Employee Master Agreement between District and the SOCCCDFA for the period of July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2014.


SOCCCD: Educational Quality, Academic Programs, Program Review and Student Learning Outcomes


Saddleback College Presenters: Don Busche', Kris Leppien-Christensen, Claire Cesareo-Silva, and Dan Walsh; Irvine Valley College presenters: Lisa Davis-Allen, Kathy Werle
Don Busche – With over 300 certificates, degrees and awards, quality is a huge challenge and a shared responsibility. The board's role is to support faculty leadership in continuously improving academic programs and outcomes, and hold faculty accountable for educational quality. The board must following Title 5, California Ed code, and various board policies such as delegation of authority to the chancellor, academic senates and presidents and others that govern curriculum and instruction.
Lisa Davis-Allen – The delegation of authority to the academic senates provides for overseeing curriculum, degree and certificate requirements, grading, program development, student assessment and success, accreditation, professional development, program review, budget development, and institutional planning.
Kris Leppien-Christensen – Faculty use many criteria to develop and review curriculum to ensure high standards, including appropriateness to mission, need, adequate resources, accreditation standards, industry and labor market trends, and developments in higher education. Curriculum is faculty driven and involves a process that takes about a year before it goes to the board for review/approval then ultimately to the state chancellor's office for final approval.
Dan Walsh - Faculty professional development plays an important role in adopting best practices, enhancing academic quality and supporting student success. Our district seeks to hire the best and maintain the highest level of continuous quality through professional development at institutes, learning communities, and 38 hours minimum of flex (in-service) training. Funding for these is essential.
Lisa Davis-Allen - Concurred with Dan Walsh, adding that faculty also attend training in blackboard, TracDat, distinguished lecture series, brown bag discussions and new faculty orientation.
Claire Cesareo-Silva – There is a quest for continuous quality improvement through assessment in curriculum development, student learning outcomes (SLO) and administrative unit outcomes, and program reviews and administrative unit review. Quality must be assured not just in the classroom but in every area of the college, ultimately linking all of these to efforts to planning and resource allocation. SLOs are done at three levels: course, program and institutional.

Kathy Werle - Highlighted the collaborative relationships and partnerships that contribute to educational quality such as involvement in the CA Community Colleges academic senate, workforce development consortiums such as LOWDL, program advisory boards, other higher education institutions, business councils, and foundations.

The Powerpoint presentation can be viewed here.



  • Trustee Jay complimented faculty, staff and administration for their outstanding quality work on the accreditation follow up reports. Trustee Meldau thanked President Roquemore for the tour of IVC. He enjoyed seeing programs, labs and instruction in action, and meeting veteran students. He also attended the SC football game (“good job!”) and complimented SC President Burnett on securing a town hall meeting for the statewide student success task force at SC. Trustee Milchiker congratulated Chief Will Glen for his leadership and service, commenting that we have top employees at our district, and we have an opportunity to continue hiring the best and brightest. She thanked Chancellor Poertner for bringing forward a presentation on instructional quality, and stressed that the board is interested in what is happening at the colleges and enjoys the involvement. Trustee Prendergast enjoyed the IVC golf foundation dinner and is looking forward to the upcoming college-wide forums. Trustee Padberg also enjoyed the IVC foundation event and attended women's soccer games. Trustee Lang also commented on how proud he is of the accreditation work, offered his congratulations to Chief Glen and acknowledged the retirement of Harry Parmer, SC Chief of Police who "deserves recognition for all of his contributions over the years." Student Trustee Larson recognized the two student governments who have been very active this month. He also attended a Birmingham civil rights meeting which he described as "amazing" with at least 100 students present. He discovered that the SC Chess Club needed instructors for an after school program for elementary school kids, and facilitated an opportunity for our own college students to teach for the program.
  • Chancellor Gary Poertner called attention to the Ronald Reagan bust on display in the foyer and again thanked Trustee Tom Fuentes for the generous donation. He highlighted the presentation on education quality and mentioned next month's presentation to the board on student success will follow the statewide student success task force town hall meeting on Nov. 8. He encouraged faculty to attend this important event. He thanked faculty and staff for their work on accreditation and presentations to the board.
  • Saddleback College - President Tod Burnett's report included mention of: a $1 million grant from Department of Labor for education, training and job placement which will fund programs in SC's division of math, science and engineering and RapidTech; SC Foundation is planning a $20 million capital campaign with Netzel Grigsby Associates, Inc., to support the construction of a wellness center and athletic stadium; President Burnett will host the annual breakfast for K-12 principals on Oct. 26; SC participated in the Great California Shakeout on Oct. 20; SC foundation and public information/marketing office are developing an alumni communications plan; SC's Child Development Center hosted an open house on Oct. 20; Ride the Wave, a transition program for graduating high school seniors with disabilities welcomed 80 students to campus on Oct. 10-12 to assist with the application process and provide an overview of educational accommodations.
  • Irvine Valley College - President Glenn Roquemore's report included mention of: attendance at the annual Global Village celebration; IVC instructor Bill Atkins' designed a winning logo for San Clemente; Health and Wellness Center offering flu shots for $15; Foundation held its annual golf fundraiser to benefit student scholarships and golf programs; Art Gallery will host Material Matters: The Art of Edith Ebeyta to bring awareness for the needs of others; Business Transfer Night held Oct. 13 with 10 major universities in attendance; SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) international non-profit launched to mobilize students to make a difference in their communities; IVC2IVC Faculty Lecture Series featured "A Social/Legal Consideration of Stock Exchanges in East Africa," with Dr. June McLaughlin; Dig Pink breast cancer fundraiser hosted by IVC women's volleyball; PRO IVC foundation campaign launched with a $350,000 goal.
  • ATEP - Associate Vice Chancellor Randy Peebles report included mention of: demolition is complete except for chapel and helicopter hangar; new round of New Markets Tax Credit funding is being pursued for funding of next building phase; 10-acre parcel exchange with County of Orange moving forward with recent City of Tustin approval; national search for partners continues through CB Richard Ellis and their marketing site,
  • Business Services - Vice Chancellor Debra Fitzsimons' report included mention of: four informational workshops -"District Services Road Shows"- were held in Sept. and Oct. to provide useful, hands-on information for HR, Payroll, Risk Management, Benefits, District IT, Accounting Fiscal Services, Purchasing, Warehouse and Facilities. The segments were taped and notes taken to assist those not able to attend and those will be available on the district public affairs Sharepoint site; District Director of Facilities Planning and Purchasing Brandye D'Lena became a member of the ACBO Facilities Task Force, a state advisory group to the CCCO where issues such as Five Year Plan submittals, state bonds, sustainability efforts, website reporting instrument "FUSION" are discussed among other statewide topics.

The board meeting will be available for viewing online later in the week at Television broadcasts are scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, Oct. 28 and Saturday, Oct. 29, on Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33.  SC TV39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, Oct. 30 at 7 pm.

South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Thomas A. Fuentes, William O. Jay, David B. Lang, Frank M. Meldau, Marcia Milchiker,
Nancy M. Padberg, T.J. Prendergast III; Jordan Larson, Student Trustee

Gary L. Poertner, Chancellor


Board Meeting Highlights Prepared by:
Tere Fluegeman, District Director of Public Affairs