Board Meeting Highlights

South Orange County Community College District

November 17, 2009


Reports and Comments

  • President Donald P. Wagner recognized the fine IVC Veterans Day ceremony and Darryl Cox and team who organized the event. He thanked both colleges for honoring our veterans. The SC Foundation Gala was a rousing success with standing room only and he thanked President Burnett, Michelle Anstadt and the Foundation team for a job well done.


  • Vice President John S. Williams thanked all the individuals and companies who donated to the SC Foundation Gala. He has been ill recently and extended his appreciation to all healthcare workers. He wished all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.


  • Clerk of the Board Thomas A. Fuentes gave a report from the Orange County Community Colleges Legislative Task Force which has finalized the state and federal policy statements to guide advocacy efforts. He and Chancellor Mathur had the privilege of attending a lunch with Dr. William Bennett, the former Secretary of Education for President Reagan. He complimented President Burnett and his team for the successful Foundation Gala. He commended the leadership of our college presidents as  reflected in the colleges' commitment to veterans.
  • Trustee William O. Jay wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.


  • Trustee David B. Lang wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.


  • Trustee Marcia Milchiker enjoyed the SC Foundation Gala which featured food prepared by students from the culinary department. She reminded everyone about another SC event on November 19 to raise funds for the Veterans Memorial – the Chili Bowl Festival and Silent Art Auction.


  • Trustee Nancy M. Padberg attended SC football games this month and the successful SC Foundation Gala. She provided a private tour of the SC Veterans Memorial for interested members of the community who were very impressed. She wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.


  • Student Trustee Bi'Anca Bailey attended many events this month and wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.


  • Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur was part of a panel sponsored by the SC Emeritus Institute at Laguna Woods Village on the subject of dementia. He complimented the Emeritus Institute which provides intellectual and/or physical engagement to over 11,000 older adults through over 180 courses. SC is considering starting a new program in gerontology next year. It was a pleasure to spend time with Trustee Fuentes and Dr. William Bennett at the lunch sponsored by the Claremont Institute. He reported that the state budget shortfall for 2010-11 is being forecast at over $15 billion. He wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.


  • SC President Tod Burnett's written report included mention of: strategic planning progress; accreditation self-study progress; measures to address the H1N1 pandemic including a “Health Alerts” link from college home page; successful Foundation Gala; President Burnett will serve as Board Chair of the Commission on Athletics for 2009-10; EOPS/CARE program is the first program to move to an entirely paperless system for internal records and forms; and updates from the college divisions.


  • IVC President Glenn Roquemore's written report included mention of: successful Foundation Casino Night fundraiser attended by 200; The Great California ShakeOut Exercise simulation of a major earthquake; dedication of the Business Sciences and Technology Innovation Center; and launch of the 2009-10 PROIVC Campaign in which the Foundation will provide $30,000 in matching funds to donations pledged until December 15.


  • ATEP Provost Randy Peebles' written report included mention of: meetings with statewide directors of the Environmental Training Centers, Apple Computer, Vital Link, and V-5 engineering to discuss prospective programs and partnership opportunities; and discussion with IVC about ideas for the Electrician Certification program.




South Orange County Community College District
  • all consent calendar items, academic and classified personnel actions. If you wish to know specifics, please contact the Office of the President, Deputy Chancellor or Vice Chancellor, Human Resources.
  • IVC curriculum revisions for the 2010-11 academic year.


  • SC and IVC spring 2010 community education courses, presenters and compensation.


  • acceptance for review and study of the 2008-09 district annual audit report.



Presentations and Information Reports

  • Brandye D'Lena, President Roquemore, President Burnett and Provost Peebles presented information on the sustainability efforts throughout the district and at the three campuses. Click here to view the electronic presentation.


  • The Board received written information reports on SC Communication Arts and the Film Program and 2010-11 non-resident tuition fees for foreign and out-of-state students.
Viewing Board Meeting on TV and Online

The Board meeting will be broadcast on Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21 at 7pm, on Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33.  SC TV39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, November 22 at 7pm. The meeting will be available for viewing online later in the week.

South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Thomas A. Fuentes, William O. Jay, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker, Nancy M. Padberg,

Donald P. Wagner, John S. Williams, Bi'Anca Bailey, Student Trustee

Raghu P. Mathur, Ed.D., Chancellor

Board Meeting Update Prepared by:
Tracy Daly, District Director of Public Affairs