Board Meeting Highlights

South Orange County Community College District

December 16, 2013

ANNUAL ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING ...................................................

The board conducted their annual organizational meeting and facilities corporation meeting. The board leadership positions for 2014 are: T.J. Prendergast, Board President; Nancy Padberg, Vice President; and Marcia Milchiker, Clerk.

COMMENDATIONS ........................................................................

Saddleback College President Tod Burnett offered the following commendations.


South Orange County Community College District   South Orange County Community College District   South Orange County Community College District
Deputy Chief of Police Jim Pyle is retiring after 35 years of service.   Five architecture students won a student design award at the Orange County American Institute
of Architects Competition.
  Ten Journalism students won awards in writing, layout and design.


THE BOARD APPROVED ..................................................................

South Orange County Community College District

  • All consent calendar items and academic and classified personnel actions. For additional information, please contact the Chancellor, College President or appropriate Vice Chancellor.
  • Student out-of-state travel to Scottsdale, AZ for up to four students and two advisors to attend the Student Veterans of America National Conference.
  • Amendment to the Irvine Valley College Facilities Master Plan to include a new project for the Irvine Valley College campus called “ATEP Swing Space.”
  • Resolution to support applications for the Community College Pathway to Law School Initiative for Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College for a new program that would include two years at community college, two years at a four-year university and three years at law school.
  • Agreement with Kitchell CEM, Inc. to provide Construction Management services for the Saddleback College Sciences Building at a cost of $1,172,950.
  • Board Policy Revisions to BP-4101.1-Faculty Salary Classification Changes and Initial Classification Placement; and BP-4306-Calendar.
  • Payment to Trustee Jemal who was absent from the November 25, 2013 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

PRESENTATIONS .........................................................................

  • SC Financial Aid Director Christian Alvarados and IVC Student Services Vice President Linda Fontanilla provided information in response to Trustee Milchiker's request for report on the cost/benefit of using Higher One to distribute financial aid funds to our students and to our colleges.
  • SC Police Chief Chris Wilkinson, IVC Police Chief Will Glen, and SC Technology Director Anthony Maciel presented an overview of campus public safety cameras in response to Trustee Jemal's request for report.


REPORTS .................................................................................

  • Trustee Jay attended several musical performances at our colleges, praising the quality of the productions. Trustee Jemal commented on his one-year anniversary as a trustee, stating it is an honor to serve for this quality district. He said community colleges offer a second chance to many but education is also rapidly changing and we can't afford to be static. He is concentrating on employer relations with our community to provide increased opportunities for our students. He stated that we all need to constantly strive for improvement. He attended the Saddleback nurses pinning ceremony and his first IVC foundation board meeting. He urged everyone to help take the foundation to the next level so we can provide increased benefits to our programs and students. Trustee Milchiker congratulated Trustee Prendergast on being elected President and also congratulated Trustee Jemal on his first year. She commented that six trustees recently attended the nurses pinning. She attended the SC paramedic graduation ceremony, Emeritus Institute advisory committee meeting and Feast of Lights. She said the holidays are a time for reflection and we make a difference in the lives of 42,000 students each semester, important jobs in teaching future leaders. She wished everyone a happy holiday season. Trustee Prendergast attended the Feast of Lights, nurses pinning, holiday gatherings at both colleges and the groundbreaking for the new SC Sciences building. He congratulated Jim Pyle on his retirement and thanked everyone for their nomination and support to elect him president. Trustee Wright congratulated the new board leadership and spoke of his pride and pleasure in attending the groundbreaking for a new SC Sciences building. He wished former SC President and Science Professor Rich McCullough could have been present for this long-awaited occasion. He was privileged to interview on Laguna Woods TV Channel 6 to discuss both colleges' veterans programs and progress and also promote the colleges' performances to the community. He wished everyone happy holidays with wonderful time to visit with friends and family. Trustee Lang congratulated all of the new officers, and reflected on the terrific turnout for the SC nurses pinning ceremony, an event he finds very moving. He wished everyone a happy holiday season and new year. Student Trustee Robinson congratulated SC Journalism students on their achievements and highlighted his concern about student financial aid debit cards. He drew attention to the recent article criticizing Higher One and said several other districts are taking a closer look at their agreements with the organization. He is excited about the pathways to law school program because it gives more students an opportunity to excel in the field of law.


  • Chancellor Gary Poertner recognized the hard work of Trustee Padberg as board president and commented on his appreciation for the stability she provided to him in his first three years as Chancellor. He said she will continue to provide valuable leadership as vice president. He shared an experience of discovering a meeting of faculty, deans and VPs at Saddleback gathered to discuss ways to improve relationships and deal with issues in a collaborative and collegial way. He complimented this shared effort of the SC Academic Senate and SC college president.
  • Saddleback College - President Tod Burnett's report included: a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new Sciences Building on Dec. 16. Students and employees attended the college holiday celebration. Architecture students are collaborating with students from UC Irvine and Chapman University on an entry application for the 2015 Solar Decathlon, a United States Department of Energy home design and building competition. Dan Riley, adjunct professor in rapid digital manufacturing, and Blake Stephens, architecture professor, are on the team and working on the competition entry documents. Feast of Lights performances by the Saddleback College Symphony and Saddleback College Choirs celebrates with old and new holiday favorites and a sing-along. The Fashion Department collaborated with the Kaleidoscope Center to host A Taste of Fashion, an afternoon of holiday shopping open to the public. Professor Kris Leppien-Christensen was recently elected to the American Psychological Association's Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) Committee.


  • Irvine Valley College - President Glenn Roquemore's report included: IVC participated in the Adopt-a-Family charity event where faculty, staff, administrators and associated students expect to support 250 families this holiday season. ASIVC was again proud to sponsor its annual Angel Tree benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Tustin. Vice President Linda Fontanilla led a fundraiser for the student veterans. IVC students Zachary Ho and Geoffrey Mangalam were recognized with a front-page story in the Irvine World News on Nov. 18 for their Open Source International (OSI) Stove, 15 of which will be sent to a refugee camp in Kenya. The Performing Arts Center held a $10 toy drive and donated the toys to Orange County Toys for Tots. IVC Administration of Justice Club competed in Sacramento and students Joseph White, Frank Schaefer, and Aranzazu Bravo were honored with awards at the competition. IVC business students were honored certificates of business at a recognition ceremony for their proficiency in Accounting, Management, Paralegal, Real Estate, and CIM.
  • ATEP - Associate Vice Chancellor Randy Peebles' report included: another phase of demolition that included removing all the previously demolished building ground floor surfaces and basement structures has been completed and the site has been rough graded and hydro-seeded with natural grasses. The city of Tustin and the district are in the process of designing the future Bell Avenue extension.  This is an important piece of the ATEP infrastructure, providing easy access to the campus and access for future ground lease partner’s sites. Approved agreements this year with the city of Tustin now allow the district to consider opportunities for ground leases on the site that are not college or education entities. A major land exchange between the city of Tustin and SOCCCD was completed that improved the configuration of the ATEP site. A new development master plan will be developed, focusing on site development, access, area assignments, usage, and needed infrastructure to support development. This planning will be done during the spring term with review and input by the colleges, district services, the chancellor’s executive team and the board of trustees. This Development Master Plan will support ATEP related planning in updates of the District-wide Education and Facilities Master Plan and the District-wide Strategic Plan.


VIEWING ONLINE/TV .....................................................................

The board meeting will be available for viewing online this week at Television broadcasts are scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, Dec. 20 and Saturday, Dec. 21 on Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33.  SC TV 39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, Dec. 22 at 7 pm.


South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

William O. Jay, Timothy Jemal, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker, Nancy M. Padberg,
T.J. Prendergast III, James R. Wright; David Robinson, Student Trustee

Gary L. Poertner, Chancellor


Board Meeting Highlights Prepared by:
Tere Fluegeman, District Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations