Board Meeting Highlights

South Orange County Community College District

February 20, 2008

  • Vice President John S. Williams attended the Futures Assembly with Chancellor Mathur, who served as chair of the CEO Commission and a conference judge. It was a wonderful conference which featured 30 presentations of best practices throughout the nation. He shared concerns about the recent violence on U.S. campuses.
  • Clerk of the Board Thomas A. Fuentes congratulated the IVC community on the opening and dedication of the new police and warehouse facility which will serve the college well for many years to come. He mentioned that it was a pleasure to join academic colleagues at Pepperdine University for a gathering for Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.
  • Trustee David B. Lang also attended the dedication of the new IVC building and congratulated President Roquemore on a terrific facility which will add much to the campus. He enjoyed the inaugural dinner with Board President Wagner and Chancellor Mathur honoring the Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante.


  • Trustee Marcia Milchiker thanked the IVC professors who spoke during the public comments section of the meeting.


  • Student Trustee Matthew Reynard attended the dedication of the IVC police and warehouse facility, appeared in an interview with Chancellor Mathur on Laguna Woods Village TV 6, and mentioned ASG events on both campuses.


  • Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur discussed the Futures Assembly that he attended with Vice President Williams which featured the theme “change or die.” Interesting topics included the low academic standards in K-12, how to prepare students in an increasingly competitive society, the need to move from specialized job training to multi-skill programs, and educational institutions need to create greater capacity for innovation.
  • SC President Richard McCullough 's written report included mention of: 300+ Hispanic students and parents participated in the Steps for Success workshop; 25+ four-year colleges attended the Transfer Center college fair; Senior Day is planned for April 3; the Honorable Willie Brown spoke at McKinney Theatre; Big Band celebrated Jazz Day with renowned trumpeter Wayne Bergeron; and RapidTech held its first Industry Advisory Board meeting.


  • IVC President Glenn Roquemore 's written report included mention of: 21 st annual Astounding Inventions raised a record-breaking $45,250;”Career Realities” seminar for students featuring many expert speakers; “Anti-Static” show of contemporary kinetic sculpture debuted in the Art Gallery; English Club is holding its first writing contest; and Black Baseball: a History of the Negro Leagues with Byron Motley was held in the Performing Arts Center.


  • ATEP Provost Robert J. Kopecky 's written report included mention of: progress of negotiations with Camelot Entertainment; meeting between General Combs of the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, Provost Kopecky and Presidents McCullough and Roquemore; student services and instruction update; and outreach and marketing update.




South Orange County Community College District
  • all consent calendar items, academic personnel actions, and classified personnel actions. If you wish to know specifics, please contact the Office of the President or Deputy Chancellor.


  • Summer 2008 IVC community education courses, instructors and compensation.


  • agreement with RGP Corporation for up to $226,000 to provide professional services related to the development of ATEP in the areas of land entitlement, CEQA compliance, concept plan and long range plan.


  • agreement with Psomas for up to $112,000 to provide civil engineering services for entitlement support services for development of ATEP.


  • curriculum revisions for the 2008-09 academic year at SC and IVC.


  • $7,155 for the 2008 classified staff development day to be held on March 19 at Boomers! in Irvine with the Olympics as the theme.


  • resolution authorizing a request for waiver from the Board of Governors of Education Code Section 81360 et seq. and Section 81390 et seq., following a public hearing for comment. Background note: staff has determined that negotiating for involvement by one or more joint occupancy partners would best accomplish and build out ATEP. Requesting a waiver of the Education Code provisions associated with the lease and joint occupancy of District property from the Board of Governors will allow the District the most flexibility regarding possible lease and/or joint occupancy agreement.


  • membership in the Association of Governing Board of Universities and Colleges.


  • concept of the Veterans Tribute Tower to be constructed at IVC.


  • conducting a public hearing to provide an opportunity for the public to comment on the District's initial proposal to CSEA.


  • entering contracts for full-time faculty members.


Dr. Andreea Serban, Vice Chancellor, Technology and Learning Services; Dr. Rajen Vurdien, SC Vice President; and Dr. Craig Justice , IVC Vice President, made a presentation to the Board about academic and career technical education programs. Click here to view their presentation.


South Orange County Community College District



The Board meeting will be broadcast on Friday, February 29 and Saturday, March 1 at 7pm, on Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33. SC TV39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, March 2 at 7pm. The meeting will be available for viewing online next week.

South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Thomas A. Fuentes, William O. Jay, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker, Nancy M. Padberg,

Donald P. Wagner, John S. Williams, Matthew T. Reynard, Student Trustee

Raghu P. Mathur, Ed.D., Chancellor

Board Meeting Update Prepared by:
Tracy Daly, District Director
Public Affairs and Intergovernmental Relations