South Orange County Community College District

Monday, October 28, 2002 - Saddleback College
Channel 39, Saddleback College
Channel 33, Irvine Valley College
Friday, November 1 - 7:00 p.m. &
Saturday -November 2 - 7:00 p.m.
Friday, November 1 - 7:00 p.m. &
Saturday - November 2 - 7:00 p.m.


Prior to Closed Session, the Board of Trustees from 4:30 to approximately 5:00 p.m. made a special presentation to the South Orange County delegations of federal and state legislators. Vice President Dorothy Fortune, who served as Acting President due to the absence of Board President Donald P. Wagner, led the presentation of Board Resolutions commending the delegation of legislators for dedication to educational excellence and support of California community colleges and the SOCCCD. Resolutions were presented to Assemblywoman Patricia Bates, Assemblyman John Campbell, Assemblyman Bill Campbell, Senator Dick Ackerman, Senator Bill Morrow, Senator Ross Johnson, Congressman Ken Calvert, Congressman Chris Cox, and Congressman Darrell Issa.

Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur, Ed.D., welcomes federal and state elected officials to the first-ever "Legislators Appreciation Day."
Vice President Dorothy Fortune informs federal and state legislators about SOCCCD's educational accomplishments and the future construction of the Health Sciences/District Offices Building at Saddleback College.
Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes, left, greeted Congressman Ken Calvert who paid his first visit to Saddleback College. Trustee Fuentes emceed "Legislators Appreciation Day."

An audience of SOCCCD, Saddleback College, and Irvine Valley College executive leaders during the reception honoring elected officials.

Trustee Fuentes presents a Resolution to Congressman Ken Calvert for his support of higher education and community colleges. Trustee David B. Lang presents a Resolution to Don McKinney from the staff of Congressman Darrell Issa for his support of California community colleges.

Trustee Nancy Padberg presented a Resolution commending Assemblyman John Campbell for his support of education reform, SOCCCD, and community colleges.

Assemblyman John Campbell strikes a "Superman" pose and bares an Anaheim Angels 2002 World Series championship t-shirt to celebrate the team's first World Series victory in 42 years on October 27th!! Trustee John Williams presents a Resolution to Julia Emerson, aide to State Senator Bill Morrow, a long-time supporter of SOCCCD, local governing boards, and community colleges.

Vice President Dorothy Fortune presents a Resolution commending Assemblywoman Patricia Bates for dedication to educational excellence and her support of SOCCCD.

Trustee Marcia Milchiker presented a Resolution to Deon Lewis, aide to Assemblyman Bill Campbell, a supporter of SOCCCD and a distinguished advocate for community colleges. Trustee Nancy Padberg presented a Resolution to Kelly Hart, staff assistant to Congressman Chris Cox for his outstanding service to California community colleges and SOCCCD.
Trustee John Williams presented a Resolution to Senator Dick Ackerman for his advocacy of budget resources for SOCCCD and state community colleges. State Senator Ross Johnson, who was unable to attend, was also given a Resolution honoring his strong support of SOCCCD and dedicated support of California community colleges.
Saddleback College President Dixie Bullock and Irvine Valley College President Dr. Glenn Roquemore described college programs at "Legislators Appreciation Day."
Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur, center, and members of the Board of Trustees gather for a photo with federal and state legislators and some of their staff during a reception honoring their "distinguished leadership, dedication to educational excellence, and outstanding service to California Community Colleges and the South Orange County Community College District." The South Orange County delegations of federal and state legislators and staff representatives thanked the SOCCCD for honoring them and their support of improved standards and performance in Kindergarten through University public education.


Board Clerk Trustee Nancy Padberg announced the following Closed Session actions: the Board voted 6 to 0, with President Wagner absent, to appoint Ruben Guzman as the Registrar of Admissions and Records at Irvine Valley College. The Board voted 5 to 2, with Trustees Lang and Wagner voting no, to renew the Saddleback College administrators listed on the agenda as items A to Z, and F to O. The Board voted unanimously to renew the appointments of the Irvine Valley College administrators listed on the agenda as items A, Z, P, S, T, U, and V. The Board voted unanimously to issue a notice of non-renewal to an academic administrator, the Dean of Health Sciences, Physical Education, and Athletics at Irvine Valley College. The Board voted unanimously to approve a settlement of litigation in the case of Gensler vs. SOCCCD.


The Board heard public comments from students regarding the Field Studies program, and student activities and projects on both campuses. The Board was thanked by student leaders for their support of student government. Student government at both Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College are among only a few community colleges statewide that distribute student funds.


Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes commented that the Angels won the World Series, and that IVC broke ground last year on a new baseball field, pointing out that professional baseball careers usually have their founding in academic settings. He noted that elected officials were hosted by SOCCCD earlier in the evening, and urged everyone to please vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5th. Clerk Nancy Padberg said that she is thrilled about the Angels winning the World Series. She said that SOCCCD does wonderful things in our college sports programs, through student government, and other activities too numerous to mention. Trustee Padberg said that the Saddleback College electronic signs are a great addition and thanked the Associated Student Government (ASG) for funding them. She hopes that similar signs will soon be at IVC. Vice President Dorothy Fortune did not give a report. Board President Donald P. Wagner thanked Vice President Fortune for filling-in for him at the "Legislators Appreciation Day" reception and presentation of Board resolutions. He thanked all of the legislators for their outstanding service at the state and federal level. Trustee Marcia Milchiker said that it was good of the legislators to come to the campus. She said she was proud of the students who made comments at the Board meeting today, "our students make us proud." She will attend the "Teacher of the Year' awards ceremony at the Disneyland Hotel when Maureen Smith, Saddleback College Teacher of the Year, and Larry Oldewurtel, Irvine Valley College "Teacher of the Year" will be among the honorees. Trustee David B. Lang congratulated the SOCCCD Forensics Team for winning its first meet. He congratulated the angels on winning a thrilling World Series. He urged the public to exercise its right to vote on Nov. 5th. Trustee John Williams thanked Assembly members Patricia Bates, John Campbell, Bill Campbell, Senators Dick Ackerman, Bill Morrow, and Ross Johnson, and Congressmen Chris Cox, Ken Calvert, and Darrell Issa for attending "Legislators Appreciation Day", or for sending a representative. He stopped short of predicting an Angel's victory at the last Board meeting, and congratulated the Angels on winning a historic World Series, noting that several Angels live in the SOCCCD service area. Trustee Derek Wong was pleased to attend the "Legislators Appreciation Day" and was encouraged by the student involvement.


Trustee Dorothy Fortune requested a report on how much Basic Aid has been spent for debt retirement since 1999, and how much has been set aside for different projects.


  • The Board unanimously approved Consent Calendar items 2 through 27, with Trustee Lang abstaining on #13.
  • The Board approved the Regular Meeting minutes of March 19, 2002, and April 29, 2002; and Special Meeting of April 16, 2002.
  • Board President Wagner advanced #44, the Saddleback College Associated Student Government (ASG) Budget for 2001-2002. ASG President Tony Bartolini and Treasurer Leila Allahyari presented the budget on PowerPoint, and commended the work of the Budget Committee. The $1,133,803.00 budget cited as its major sources of revenue the Bookstore ($450,000), Cafeteria ($66,000), ASB Card Sales ($80,000), Theater Arts ($35,000), P.E. and Athletics ($9,000), and ASG Savings ($256,126). ASG is working with the bookstore to offer more discount days. ASG is also working to provide more enhanced services in the Library. President Wagner urged ASG to put more student funds in the hands of students. President Wagner complimented the ASG on its fine budget presentation.
  • Board President Wagner advanced Item #36, an information item, on a proposal to increase the seating capacity of the auditorium/board meeting room to 120 seats and constructing private restroom facilities and a T.V. control room in the Health Sciences/District Offices Building at an additional cost of $546,000.
  • Board President Wagner advanced Item #35, an information item, a Saddleback College Golf Driving Range report. In operation 9 years, the range offered 36 classes of instruction with student enrollment of 750, taught by six instructors, and was recognized in its operation during the last nine years as a model teaching facility. Range operations have provided $1.8 million in payments toward the construction DOP debt, retired in August, 2001.


  • The Board accepted for information a Basic Aid fiscal report that shows SOCCCD receives more dollars from local property taxes, projected to rise 6% per year for the next five years, and student enrollment fees than from Program Based Funding (PBF) state aid. There is a judicial ruling on the Pool Case. The outcome is uncertain, as the judge has not given instructions to the County Assessor on how to implement his decision. The Pool Case will be heard in Orange County Superior Court on December 10, 2002. The 2002-2003 Budget will provide a $9.6 million dollar reserve for prior year impact of the Pool case in accordance with the estimates provided.
  • The Board accepted for information the Monthly Financial Status Report. The ending fund balance of $18,025,196 of the $138,061,916 Budget has a reserve of 6.25%.
  • The Board accepted for information the Quarterly Financial Investment Report showing the Orange County Investment Pool (OCIP) and the Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF) yielding on average 1.89% and 2.63%, respectively. CALPERS actuaries estimate that employer contributions next year could be $1.5 million, contributed primarily from COLA, and could mean program reductions. The general trend of employer contributions is projected to be 8.5% to 9% per year.
  • The Board received for information a status report on the Saddleback College and IVC Emeritus programs, funded by the State at 48% of normal student funding. IVC Emeritus student enrollment has increased 54% in the past fiscal year, and account for 18% of IVC students. Saddleback Emeritus classes have grown 7.5% in two years. Out of 38,000 students enrolled at SOCCCD, approximately 13,000 are Emeritus students.
  • The Board received for information a report on the Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College Field Studies Programs. It was recommended that field studies courses not be canceled when there is adequate student enrollment and students have made plans in advance to participate in them.
  • The Board unanimously approved Academic Personnel Items. The Board ratified the appointment of Saddleback College Interim Vice President of Student Services Sharon K. Donoff. The Board approved new personnel appointments Lisa Cavallaro, Child Development Center Manager, Saddleback College, Classified Leadership, effective October 1, 2002, and Linda Motlaq, Risk Management Specialist, Business Services, Classified, a new position effective October 29, 2002. The Board approved sabbatical leave rescission for Patrizia Boen, Business Science full-time faculty at Saddleback College, for Spring Semester 2003, and Wendy Phillips, full-time faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Irvine Valley College, Spring Semester 2003.
  • The Board approved Classified Personnel Items.
  • The Board unanimously approved the 2003-2004 SOCCCD Academic Calendar.
  • The Board accepted for review and study a recommendation to revise Board Policy (BP) 2100, Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor, and Administrative Regulation 4216, Resignations.
  • The Board accepted for review and study a recommendation to revise Board Policy (BP) 4003, Employment of Relatives.


Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur said he attended the Harvard Institute on student-centered goal-setting processes, and will issue a report in the near future. He said that the state budget picture continues to look bleak. Approximately 60,000 FTES at California community colleges will be unfunded. Medical costs continue to increase. The state is projecting a $10 - $15 billion dollar shortfall, and there are discussions about programs cuts in mid-year 2002-03.

Award-winning journalist Jess Marlow will host the Saddleback College Foundation fundraiser, "Education: A cause for Celebration" to be held on Friday, Nov. 8 at Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Irvine. The National League for Nursing accreditation team gave the Saddleback College Nursing Department a recommendation for full accreditation for 8 years, with no recommendations. CCCSAT conference tapes for professional development are available under "Bullock"at the A-V desk. Photographer/director Kate Turning's artwork exhibition titled, "Nosejob" goes on display Oct. 30th in the Art Gallery until Nov. 21st.

The ASIVC, Multicultural Center, Re-Entry and Women's Center hosted a celebration to commemorate Latin Heritage Month. The SOCCCD Speech and Debate Team to first place at the national forensics competition Sept. 28-29 by taking first place at the National Parliamentary Debate Association, and by defeating top-ranked four-year schools favored to win. This marks the first time a community college team has reached the finals and gone on to win. The SOCCCD squad is the only community college team nationwide to break into the elimination rounds, which they did last season, finishing fourth among all two and four-year institutions. The IVC Men's Lasers Soccer Team are prepping for the regional playoffs that begin on Nov. 19th. The 9th annual IVC Foundation Scholarship Golf Tournament held on Oct. 1 at Strawberry Farms Golf Club raised more than $21,000 for scholarships. The IVC new Energy Management System (EMS) and recent scheduled maintenance upgrades are helping to trim energy costs.


ASG President Tony Bartolini did not give a report.

The Student representative was absent.

President Mark Sierakowski did not give a report.

President Gloria Garcia did not give a report.

President Randy Anderson thanked Vice Chancellor of Educational Services Tom Anderson for copies of Board policies and procedures. He announced that faculty hiring procedures have been developed with no input from shared governance groups. He said that the Academic Senate is open to communicating with the Board on all hiring issues.

President Jefferey Kaufmann was absent..

President Mike Merrifield said that the hiring procedures developed by the Association will be submitted to the Board at the next meeting. He asked the Board to discuss with the Chancellor providing the governance groups enough time to submit a solid policy. He questioned information he had heard to give consideration for high school teachers to teach college courses on high school campuses, saying it does not bode well for the colleges' reputations.

President Mary Williams said we have to look at classified quotas. There is an inverse relationship when additional faculty are hired. It seems that the push to get hiring procedures done by December leaves governance groups inadequate time to do the job.

President Cloyce Kelly was absent.


The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. to return to Closed Session. The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.


Donald P. Wagner, President • Dorothy Fortune, Vice President • Nancy Padberg, Clerk
Thomas A. Fuentes, Trustee • David B. Lang, Trustee • Marcia Milchiker, Trustee • John S. Williams, Trustee
Student Trustee Derek Wong
Dr. Raghu P. Mathur, Chancellor


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