South Orange County Community College District

Monday, April 29, 2002 Ė Saddleback College



                  Channel 39, Saddleback College:                       Channel 33, Irvine Valley College
                  Friday 5/3 7 p.m. Saturday, 5/4 7 p.m.                 Friday, 5/3 7 p.m. Saturday, 5/4 7 p.m.


Board Clerk Trustee Nancy Padberg announced the following Closed Session actions: The Board unanimously appointed Gwendolyn Vendley to the position of Dean of Students, Guidance, and Counseling, Irvine Valley College.


BOARD RESOLUTIONS were presented by Board President Donald P. Wagner and Clerk Nancy Padberg to Student Trustee Steven McCarty for his one year of service representing both SC and IVC student bodies.

SOCCCD Forensics Team State Champions: SC Coach Larry Radden, IVC Coach Gary Rybold, and champion debate students amassed multiple awards for a record-breaking year. 

Coach Bill Brummel and Asst. Coach Tom Riach accept for the SC Menís Basketball Team, 2002 State Champions, a first for Saddleback College.

                          BOARD OF TRUSTEES REPORTS                                              

Board President Donald P. Wagner thanked IVC Foundation Director Bill Christiansen for the excellent annual Board of Governors dinner.  He  is looking forward to the May graduation events and ceremonies. Trustee Marcia Milchiker commented on the electronic signs that are sponsored by ASG to be built at Saddleback College.  She congratulated the recipients of Board Resolutions, congratulated outgoing Student Trustee Steven McCarty for his service and looks forward to attending the college graduations.  Trustee John Williams attended the SC Foundation meeting, IVC Foundation dinner, and the annual dinner of the O.C. Business Council.  He congratulated Trustee Fuentes on his recent nomination by President George W. Bush to the Legal Services Corp.  He offered condolences to the family of SC Coach Skip Bethel who passed away. Vice President Dorothy Fortune thanked Student Trustee McCarty, student government leaders, student advisors, faculty and staff for the semester.  She congratulated Chancellor Mathur for setting goals for administrators. Clerk Nancy Padberg attended the IVC Foundation dinner, and she thanked student leaders for their service.  She is doing a report on housing on all 108 community college districts in California for the ACCT. Trustee Dave Lang congratulated student leaders.  He attended a meeting at Assemblyman John Campbellís office on the state budget crisis, saying the district will have to do some belt-tightening. He also congratulated the teams and the student trustee and looks forward to the graduation ceremonies. Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes complimented Trustee Wagner on a job well done hosting the Chancellorís Reception.  Student Trustee Steven McCarty thanked the Board and ASG for the wonderful one-year experience.  He also participated in the IVC Transfer Center meeting to learn how to gain acceptance to, and achieve academically, at top four-year colleges.


        The Board approved a consultant agreement with Sue Ko to implement modifications at the SC Child Development Center.

        The Board approved award of bid for SC electronic signs paid for by ASG.

        The Board approved award of bid to print class schedules for 2002-03.

         The Board approved award of bid to print and mail community education brochures.

         The Board approved contract extension of the SC golf driving range management firm.

        The Board accepted for information a Basic Aid fiscal report that shows that property tax collections will grow 10% in 02-03, and 6% for each of the following five years.

        The Board accepted for information the nomination of Irvine Valley College faculty member Larry Oldewurtel as the 2002 full-time Teacher of the Year and Geordan Reynolds as the 2002 part-time Teacher of the Year.

        The Board voted to table an item to use $3,200,000 of Basic Aid funds for the remodel of the SC Library Building to accommodate District Offices.

        The Board approved Basic Aid funds not to exceed $2,873,000 for a 20% local contribution to the cost of a Business and Technology Center at Irvine Valley College.

        The Board approved the SOCCCD five-year construction plan for 2004/5 Ė 2007/8.

        The Board approved a location at the north end of upper campus to build the Saddleback College Health Sciences Building, between the Student Services Center (SSC) and the Technology and Applied Sciences (TAS) building.

        The Board approved award of bid for bookstore services at IVC and SC.

        The Board denied the sabbatical leave request of SC Prof. Alfred Kirsch.


 Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur thanked the Board, student government, and foundations for the wonderful Chancellorís Welcoming Reception.  He announced that he attended the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) meeting in Seattle.  SC President Dixie Bullock attended the AACC event.  She extended an invitation to the SC Scholarship Ceremony Thursday, May 9 at 4:30 p.m. in the McKinney Theatre.  IVC President Dr. Glenn Roquemore commended the IVC Foundation Director for his work on the Foundation dinner.  IVC is preparing for the new accreditation standards.  IVC had 1,000 kindergartners and attendees at the IVC Kindercamanata.  ASIVC President Anythony Kuo announced that student government elections were held.  He attended a college leadership retreat.  ASIVC is developing a budget, and is contributing to the IVC electronic marquee.  SC Academic Senate President Alannah Orrison expressed concern that the Educational Services Coordinating Council does not have faculty representation.  This meeting is her last because Randy Anderson is the new Academic Senate President for 2002-03.  IVC Academic President Lewis Long announced that this is his last meeting, that it has been a pleasure to serve, and said that Jeff Kaufman will be the new Academic Senate President for 2002-03.  Faculty Association President Lee Haggerty announced that the FA will be holding elections for officers.  CSEA President Mary Williams announced that she will continue another year as president.  She expressed concern that the voice of classified staff is not represented on the Educational Services Coordinating Council.  The SC Classified Senate President Matt Suarez asked the Board to consider providing more resources for classified staff.  IVC Classified Senate President Jamie Cayetano announced that there will be an IVC Open House on Thursday, May 2 at 11 a.m. and that officers will be nominated.  The Peace Officers Association President Cloyce Kelly did not attend the meeting.


 The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.


Donald P. Wagner, President - Dorothy Fortune, Vice President -  Nancy Padberg, Clerk 

Thomas A. Fuentes, Trustee - David B. Lang, Trustee

Marcia Milchiker, Trustee - John S. Williams, Trustee

 Steven McCarty, Student Trustee - Dr. Raghu P. Mathur, Chancellor

The highlighted synopsis of the Board of Trustees meeting is prepared by Pamela Zanelli, Public Affairs Director, and is not the official minutes.  Please call 949-582-4920 for further information.