South Orange County Community College District 
        Monday, January 14, 2002 – Saddleback College
       Channel 39, Saddleback College:                   Channel 33, Irvine Valley College:
           Friday 1/18 7p.m. Saturday, 1/19 7 p.m.         Friday, 1/18 7 p.m. Saturday, 1/19 7 p.m.


Board Clerk Trustee Nancy Padberg announced the following Closed Session actions: The Board of Trustees voted to dismiss a probationary classified employee; appoint Leslie Humphrey to the position of Acting Student Affairs Director, Saddleback College; appoint Esther Graham to the position of  SOCCCD Assistant Director of Human Resources. 

Trustee John Williams led the Invocation and Trustee Marcia Milchiker led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board President Donald P. Wagner thanked IVC President Dr. Raghu Mathur and Saddleback College President Dixie Bullock for the colleges’ excellent educational programs and said it looked like the academic year is off to a good start.  Trustee Marcia Milchiker announced the events she attended and expressed praise for the academic excellence of programs on both campuses.  Trustee John Williams criticized the Governor’s budget, saying program cuts hurt students. Vice President Dorothy Fortune said from the student perspective she is interested in looking into the cost of textbooks.  Board Clerk Nancy Padberg attended the O.C. Legislative Task Force events in Sacramento on behalf of the Board, when the Governor announced the new state budget.  Padberg said that IVC plays SC in Men’s Basketball on Friday, January 18, at 5:30 p.m. in the Saddleback Gym and she congratulated Trustee John Williams on his second hold-on-one.  Trustee Dave Lang said that the economy continues to struggle, but that community colleges fared better in the state budget than did others this year, and that SOCCCD must be fiscally prudent.  Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes said that when President George W. Bush visited Ontario last week he expressed his support for community colleges, and believes that they should remain flexible, accessible, and affordable.


Vice President Dorothy Fortune requested a report on book costs at Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College, and a cost comparison to other colleges and universities.


The Board of Trustees presented Resolutions of commendation to Saddleback College Women's Soccer Team Coach Brandee Craig and to the Saddleback College Gauchos Football Team coached by Mark McElroy.  The SC Women Soccer completed its successful inaugural season in 2001.  The SC Gauchos Football Team completed its 34th season in 2001, and won its 250th game.

     Board Clerk Nancy Padberg presents a Board Resolution commending Saddleback College Women’s
      Soccer Coach and Team for an outstanding inaugural season in 2001.  Coach Craig was named Orange
      Empire Coach of the Year in 2001, her third time honored.

    Saddleback College Gauchos Football Team Head Coach Mark McElroy accepted a Board Resolution
     from Clerk Nancy Padberg congratulating the team for its 34th season and winning a milestone 250th game. 
    The Gauchos qualified for its first bowl bid since 1996.


  • The Consent Calendar  was unanimously approved by the Board.
  • The Board accepted as an Information item the Monthly Financial Status Report showing a beginning fund balance of $19,809,258 with a reserve of 6.25% of $7,093,608 for economic uncertainties.  Deputy Chancellor Gary Poertner discussed the potential future impact on basic aid funds if property tax collection formulas by the County Assessor, which are undergoing a legal challenge,  are reduced.  If the Assessor is not allowed to “recapture” property taxes at the current rate, then the impact on the SOCCCD budget would be estimated to be $9.6 million for the first four years, and $5 million in subsequent years.  Poertner pointed out that the Board previously directed that SOCCCD not rely on basic aid monies for operating budget, only debt reduction and/or capital outlay projects.
  • The Board accepted a requested report on a recommendation to discontinue the Building Construction and the Millwork and Cabinetmaking programs after the Spring 2002 term to vacate and prepare aging buildings for demolition.
  • The Board accepted a requested report on IVC/SC faculty who teach on campus three days or less
  • Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes nominated Clerk Nancy Padberg  for the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) 2001 Regional Awards that recognize outstanding contributions made by community college trustees.  Trustee Fuentes also nominated Saddleback College President Dixie Bullock for the ACCT exemplary 2001 chief executive officer award.  Both nominations were seconded by President Donald P. Wagner and unanimously approved, with Trustee Padberg abstaining. Trustee Fuentes also nominated Board President Donald P. Wagner for membership on the California Community College Trustees Association (CCCT) Board of Directors.  Trustee Fuentes’ motion was unanimously approved, with Trustee Wagner abstaining.

Board Clerk Nancy Padberg has been nominated by                 Saddleback College President Dixie Bullock was

           her Board colleagues for the Association of Community              nominated by the Board of Trustees for the ACCT
                  College Trustees (ACCT)  Trustee Leadership                            2001 exemplary chief executive officer award.
                                             Award for 2001.

The Board of Trustees unanimously nominated
Board President Donald P. Wagner for membership on
the Board of Directors of the California Community College Trustees (CCCT).

The Board reviewed its 2002-2003 Goals and Objectives.  The Board has exceeded its goal of 2% growth to an overall SOCCCD FTES growth rate of 2.4% - 1.5% for Irvine Valley College and 2.8% for Saddleback College.  SOCCCD is also meeting Board goals by adding three additional community sites and is establishing fast-track degree and certificate programs.  The Board reaffirmed the following goals as amended:

The Board of Trustees announced its updated goals and objectives for 2002-2003

     1.     Sustain a minimum growth rate of 2% @500 WSCH (weekly student contact hours) per FTEF
             (full-time equivalent faculty).
     2.     Establish appropriate and equitable budget support for college programs and divisions with the largest 
             WSCH for credit courses and the greatest WSCH growth rate.
     3.     Establish accountability evaluation standards for staff, divisions, and programs, and utilize student
             achievement reporting systems.
     4.     Begin fundraising campaigns with the State legislature, health care, and retiree groups and, at the
             community level, for the Saddleback College health science classroom building and the Irvine Valley
             College performing arts classroom building.
     5.     Designate funding sources and finalize construction plans for district offices in order to vacate current 
             space occupied by the district in Saddleback College buildings.
     6.    Maintain Board-approved “Budget Guidelines Schedule” to retire total debt by 2008; assume no
            new debt without a dedicated revenue stream; and continue funding (per actuarial recommendation)
            of the liability of retirees’ medical, dental and vision plans.  Do not use Basic Aid Funds for ongoing
            fiscal obligations, and prepare for return to Program Based Funding (PBF) and the end of Basic Aid.
     7.    Maintain contingency reserves of 6 1/2 % or more for emergencies.
     8.    Review and update Board policies.
     9.    Continue Program Review on both campuses.

  • The Board accepted proposed revisions for review and study of Board Policy BP-2100.1, Delegation of Authority to the Academic Senate.
  • The Board unanimously approved Adoption of Resolution 02-03 on Trustee Area Boundaries to be forwarded to the Orange County Superintendent of Schools and the County Committee on School District Organization.
  • The Board unanimously approved Academic Personnel Actions.
  • Charles D. Myers is employed as a Radio/TV/Film Instructor, Saddleback College, effective 1/2/02.
  • Yvonne Allman had a change of assignment to a new position as a Saddleback College Laboratory Technician in Advanced Technology and Applied Science (ATAS), effective 2/1/02.
  • Rodney Fitz had a change of assignment to a new position as a Saddleback College Lead Building Maintenance, effective 2/1/02.
  • Sophie Miller had a change of assignment effective 1/15/02 to Executive Assistant to the President of Saddleback College, a replacement position for Joan Townsend, who passed away.
  • The Board unanimously approved Classified Personnel Actions. 
  • Susan Lemkin, Saddleback College Public Information Officer, will take a leave of absence effective February 1, 2002 through April 30, 2002. 
  • The Board recessed to a Public hearing re: District Proposal to the South O.C. Comm. College District Faculty Association (SOCCCDFA) for negotiations for part-time faculty compensation and set a public hearing for February 25, 2002.  The Board unanimously approved the item, then reconvened to its regular meeting. 
  • The Board unanimously approved Sabbatical Leaves as amended.


Richard A. Jones, Interim Chancellor, said that the Governor’s budget did not provide funds for staff development, but community colleges were not as negatively impacted as other agencies. 


SADDLEBACK COLLEGE HIGHLIGHTS BY PRESIDENT DIXIE BULLOCK:  The new semester has started at 103% of WSCH. President Bullock attended a Resolution presentation by the Board of Supervisors in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of Community Colleges in America. The Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College Men’s Basketball Teams will tip-off on Friday, January 18 at the Saddleback Gym.  All faculty and employees are invited to a pre-game reception at 5 p.m..  Saddleback’s Heart & Sole team exceeded its goals to raise $1,063 for the American Heart Assoc. walk/run.  The student literary magazine guided by Prof. Amy Ahearn, “Wall, a Literary Journal,” launched by the division of Learning Resources/Liberal Arts has earned a top three award by the Community Colleges Humanities Association.  The SOCCCD Forensics Team coached by Profs. Larry Radden at SC and Gary Rybold at IVC won its 5th first-place award at the Fall championship Tournament.  The Transfer Center will man booths around campus between February and April to counsel students who want to transfer to 4-year schools, and will launch with the Financial Assistance Office workshops to help students with the financial aid and scholarship application process.  College and district employees can pick up their 15% cafeteria discount cards at the office of Penny Skaff, Student Affairs.  Full and part-time faculty art will be on display in the Gallery January 31 through February 28th. 

The new semester enrollment is doing well, with WSCH up by 2%.  Amazing Inventions will be on January 26 with elementary school students from Irvine, Tustin, and Laguna Beach school districts.  Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer will speak at a future IVC Foundation event.  Over 350 students have registered for classes online using IVC’s new online registration program which will be fully available and public this spring.  The IVC Model United Nations led by advisor Prof. Stewart Frame competed in its second conference and won three awards; two Distinguished Delegate awards and one Outstanding Delegate Award.   The Office of Admissions and Records has started implementing AB 540, a new state law that exempts some categories of students from paying nonresident tuition.  IVC’s new webmaster John Gotthard is working with a new IVC web advisory committee to improve the website.  New sidewalks, curbs and building modifications are being completed to increase access for individuals under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  IVC completed its 14th year in the Adopt-A-Family Program to assist 93 disadvantaged families during the holidays.  IVC Art Instructor Pam Schader has begun Art 4 Kids to help children who are ill or hospitalized.  To donate art supplies or to get more information, please call 949-451-5382.

No report was given.

Academic Senate President Alannah Orrison said that Saddleback needs  more resources to accomplish program review.

Academic Senate President Lewis Long said that the IVC Honors Programs is being reactivated.

Faculty Association President Lee Haggerty congratulated President Donald P. Wagner 
on his term as Board President for 2002. He commended Trustees Wagner and Milchiker
for attending the in-service speech by Sacramento political columnist Dan Walters.

The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
 Richard A. Jones, Interim Chancellor
      BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Donald P. Wagner, President 
Dorothy Fortune, Vice President -  Nancy Padberg, Clerk
Thomas A. Fuentes, Trustee -  Dave Lang, Trustee 
Marcia  Milchiker, Trustee - John Williams, Trustee
Steven McCarty, Student Trustee

The highlighted synopsis of the Board of Trustees meeting is prepared by Pamela Zanelli, Director of the Public Affairs Office, and is not the official minutes.  For additional information please call 949-582-4920. 


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