South Orange County Community College District 
        Monday, February 25, 2002 – Saddleback College
       Channel 39, Saddleback College:                   Channel 33, Irvine Valley College:
        Friday 3/1  7p.m.   Saturday, 3/2   7 p.m.         Friday, 3/1   7 p.m.   Saturday, 3/2  7 p.m.


Board Clerk Trustee Nancy Padberg announced the following Closed Session actions:  Dr. Glenn Roquemore was selected to serve as the Interim President of Irvine Valley College, effective immediately.

Vice President Dorothy Fortune led the Invocation and Board Clerk Nancy Padberg led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board President Donald P. Wagner congratulated Dr. Mathur on his appointment as Chancellor.  He expressed his appreciation to Trustee Padberg for her hard work on behalf of SOCCCD.  Trustee Marcia Milchiker announced that the Orange County School Boards Association will host a speaker, a teacher from Long Beach, on March 20, 2002. 
Trustee John Williams congratulated Dr. Mathur on his appointment as Chancellor.  He also urged SOCCCD to be aware that we may not receive anticipated state monies due to the increased state budget deficit, now estimated to be $5 billion higher. Vice President Dorothy Fortune congratulated Chancellor Mathur on his recent appointment, commending him as a dedicated and hard-working administrator.  She conveyed her best wishes to Trustee John Williams on his candidacy for O.C. Public Administrator-Guardian. Clerk Nancy Padberg congratulated the IVC Men’s Basketball Team for making it to the State Finals.  She attended the Orange County Legislative Task Force (OCLTF) meeting at the North O.C. CCD and met with Congressman Ken Calvert.  She is continuing to work on the Tustin Base issues. Trustee Dave Lang gave no report.  Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes gave no report. Student Trustee Steven McCarty congratulated Dr. Mathur and professors who recognized African American month. 


Student Trustee Steven McCarty requested a report on the status of the millwork and woodworking programs at Saddleback College.  Trustee Marcia Milchiker requested three reports: 1. The status of the Emeritus Institute programs at Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College.  2.  The cost of constructing a Nursing building at Saddleback College.  3.  How much land is in the jurisdiction of SOCCCD at the Tustin and El Toro bases.   Trustee Dave Lang requested that Deputy Chancellor Gary Poertner provide a fiscal impact report to be updated monthly on setting aside revenue contingencies for the Tustin and El Toro bases.  The Board approved all requests for reports.


The Board of Trustees presented a Resolution congratulating former Interim Chancellor Richard A. Jones, Ed.D. for his service to SOCCCD and  commending his 46-year career in higher education. 
Board Clerk Nancy Padberg presents a resolution commending former Interim Chancellor Richard A. Jones,  Ed.D. for his leadership and service. Dr. Raghu P. Mathur expressed his "gratitude to the Board of Trustees for their expression of confidence in my ability to serve as Chancellor." He is "pleased to serve SOCCCD."

         Irvine Valley College Music Professor Steven Rochford introduces two members of the IVC Wind Symphony, standing, photo on right.

  • The Consent Calendar  was unanimously approved by the Board.
  • The Board accepted as an Information item a report by LPA Architects on the feasibility of three sites for District offices on the Saddleback College campus. LPA reported that each site is suitable for constructing a building, and that the Avery site has the greatest visibility from the street.
  • The Board heard a report on the Bookstore profits at each campus. Trustee Fortune requested that the student governments on both campuses consider reducing their reserves from bookstore sales in order to give students more discounts on books.
  • The Board unanimously approved the selection of Mr. Paul Higgins, a 1983 Saddleback Alum and Chapman University 2001 Alumni of the Year and President of Athletes in Motion, as Saddleback Commencement Speaker on May 17, 2002.
  • The Board unanimously approved revised instructional fees to be increased no more than the actual cost of materials.
  • The Board unanimously approved payment for architectural services for the relocation and construction of a new greenhouse at Saddleback College.
  • The Board referred an procedural item back to the IVC Foundation Board of Governors for further revisions.
  • The Board unanimously approved referring an item on legal fees to the Board leadership for a recommendation.
  • The Board unanimously approved Trustee Marcia Milchiker to continue as the representative to the Orange County School Boards Association (OCSBA) where she currently serves as Vice President of Programs.
  • The Board accepted an Information item from a request by Trustee Nancy Padberg for a report. The report demonstrates that the men’s and women’s athletic programs at Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College are in compliance with Title IX.
  • The Monthly and the Quarterly Financial Status Report ending December 31, 2001 were accepted as Information items.
  • The Quarterly Investment Financial Report for the period ending December 31, 2001 was accepted as an Information item.
  • Board Clerk Trustee Nancy Padberg was nominated for the Marian Bergeson Award of the Orange County School Boards Association.
  • Board Policy 2100.1, Delegation of Authority to the Academic Senate, was approved as revised.
  • The Board approved a Faculty Association request to enter into negotiations with SOCCCD to disburse $1,120,000.00 one-time funds under SB 735 for salary increases for part-time faculty and full time faculty overload.
  • The Board unanimously approved the Saddleback College lower campus demolition, greenhouse relocation and landscape improvement project allocation from the District Basic Aid account of $1,518,598 to complete the project.
  • The Board accepted for Review and Study the potential to participate in the Peace Officer Standards and Training Program (P.O.S.T.) program at Saddleback College.
  • The Board approved the $175,000 starting salary for the Chancellor.
  • The Board approved the purchase of 110 desktop computers through CMAS for Saddleback College in the amount of $132,532.50.
  • Ralph Grajeda is employed as a part-time Saddleback College Physical Education instructor, effective 1/07/02.
  • Debby Vail is employed as a part-time Nursing instructor at Saddleback College, effective 1/07/02.
  • Lisa Alvarez is employed as a full-time instructor in Humanities and Languages at Irvine Valley College and will have a reduction in teaching contract to 60% workload for spring 2002.
  • Patricia Evans-Wallin is employed as a full-time instructor of Mathematics at Saddleback College and will have a reduction in teaching contract to 66.67% workload effective with the 2002-03 academic year.
  • Marjorie Leusebrink is employed as a full time instructor in Humanities and Languages at Irvine Valley College and will take a leave of absence based on 15 OSH for the fall 2002 semester.
  • Julie Bright is employed as a Dean of Health, Human Services and Emeritus Institute at Saddleback College and will retreat to the classroom in the Health Sciences effective July 1,2002.
  • Robert W. Olson will retire as a Psychology instructor, Saddleback College Social and Behavioral Sciences, effective May 17, 2002.  Start date: September 1, 1968.
  • Richard A. Jones, Ed.D. will resign as SOCCCD Interim Chancellor effective February 28, 2002.


  • Edward Booth is to be employed as a Saddleback College Instructional Assistance Specialist, a new position approved on October 29, 2001.
  • Nancy Flacco is to be employed as a Saddleback College Administrative Clerk, Admissions, Records, and Enrollment, effective 3/04/02.
  • Ettie Graham is to be employed as the Assistant Director, Human Resources, District, effective January 30, 2002, a new position approved August 27, 2001.
  • Barbara Kipp is to be employed as an Instructional Assistance Specialist, Liberal Arts and Learning, Saddleback College, effective 1/7/02.
  • Paul Lee Tang is to be employed as an Applications Specialist II, Advanced Technology, Irvine Valley College, effective 2/04/02.
  • Patrick Eades is to be employed as Groundskeeper, Maintenance and Operations, Saddleback College effective 3/01/02.
  • Kurt J. Terens is to be employed as an Automotive Equipment Mechanic, a replacement position for Larry Mathes who resigned, Maintenance and Operations, Saddleback College effective 3/01/02.
  • Francisco Salinas, Custodian, Maintenance and Operations, Saddleback College, effective 1/02/02, a replacement position for Carl Nakazawa who resigned.
  • Jeanne Venditti, Administrative Assistant II has been give a change of assignment to the Office of Instruction and Humanities and Fine Arts at Irvine Valley College, effective 2/12/02, a replacement position for Jannie Self whose term of employment ended.

Dr. Raghu P. Mathur, Chancellor, said that he is holding meetings with District staff, administrators, and managers and has distributed a questionnaire to solicit suggestions and to determine the “right track” for the administration.  He expressed his appreciation to the Board for his appointment as the Chancellor and he thanked Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes for introducing him to Dr. Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education.  Dr. Mathur said as it was an honor to receive his personal congratulations.


SADDLEBACK COLLEGE HIGHLIGHTS BY PRESIDENT DIXIE BULLOCK:  The Saddleback College Civic Light Opera (SCLO) celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a very successful Gala program produced by Director Geoff English and sponsored by the Angels support group. Former SCLO performers, many of whom are professional Emmy and Tony Award winners, entertained a sell-out crowd.  The 2002 Men’s Basketball Team coached by Head Coach Bill Brummel, 2001 Coach of the Year, has won 18 consecutive games and posted 29 consecutive Conference wins in that last three seasons.  The Saddleback College Nursing Program has received notification of a state award of $122,000 provided under AB 87 to address the critical nursing shortage to pay for faculty and related costs to educate an additional 11 students over the next two years.  Dr. Terri Whitt has been nominated by the Saddleback College Academic Senate for the Hayward Award of Excellence.  She will give a Nursing Distance Education demonstration at the Saddleback College Open House, lower campus, room S1.  The 29th annual Holiday Student Art Sale was attended by upwards of 3,000 people and netted $15,315 – its highest total ever.  The Mission Viejo City Council awarded $10,000 to the Angels to launch the 2002 Saddleback Civic Light Opera (SCLO).  The MV Council awarded an additional $5,000 to the Saddleback Children’s Festival to produce two family musicals.  President Bullock will make an appearance in the musical comedy “Smile” opening at the McKinney Theater March 15 through the 24th.  The Division of Advanced Technology and Applied Sciences is experiencing 14% growth this spring.


The SOCCCD Speech and Debate Team comprised of student team members from both IVC and Saddleback and coached by IVC Professor Gary Rybold and Saddleback Professor Larry Radden is ranked 2nd in the nation, ahead of Notre Dame, UC Davis and 300 other four-year and two-year teams, just behind #1 ranked UC Berkeley, which they’ll try to un-seat in spring competitions.  To assist faculty and staff with the grant-writing process, Director Ann Doty and Cathy Hasson have written a “Grant Development Handbook,” available from the Office of Research, Planning, and Grants.  IVC writing professor Dr. Michelle Mitchell-Foust, an award-winning author, was nominated in January for a Pulitzer Prize for her book of poetry, Circassian Girl.  The 15th annual Astounding Inventions of the Future Fair was the biggest ever, attracting upwards of 500 students, their families, and friends from the Irvine, Tustin, and Laguna Beach Unified School Districts.  Special thanks to event co-sponsors Conexant, ASIVC, Allergan, Barkley Court Reporters, Inventors Forum, Frank and Sandra Micheletti, Uniscribe, Unisys, and Whitmont Legal Copy. Construction of the new soccer field is finished, complete with a sophisticated drainage system, chain link fencing, and portable bleachers.  Facilities Director Nelson Cayabyab and Police Chief Owen Kreza coordinated the completion of programs and the completion of the Disaster/Safety Guide and Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) manuals that will be available beginning on March 30th.

No report was given.

Academic Senate President Alannah Orrison provided a written report.

Academic Senate President Lewis Long did not give a report.

President Mary Williams did not give a report. 

President Jaime Cayetano congratulated Dr. Mathur on his appointment as Chancellor and announced that Classified Development Day and the awarding of service pins will be held on March 27, 2002 at the El Adobe Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano.

President Cloyce Kelly offered  congratulations to Chancellor Mathur and thanked the board for considering P.O.S.T. standards.

Student Trusteee Steven McCarthy congratulates Dr. Raghu P. Mathur
on his appointment as SOCCCD Chancellor. 
IVC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Glenn Roquemore was named  Interim President of Irvine Valley College.  Chancellor Mathur offered his  congratulations to Dr. Roquemore  on his appointment by the Board of Trustees as IVC Interim President.
The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

      BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Donald P. Wagner, President 
Dorothy Fortune, Vice President -  Nancy Padberg, Clerk
Thomas A. Fuentes, Trustee -  Dave Lang, Trustee 
Marcia  Milchiker, Trustee - John Williams, Trustee
Steven McCarty, Student Trustee

The highlighted synopsis of the Board of Trustees meeting is prepared by Pamela Zanelli, 
Director of the Public Affairs Office,
and is not the official minutes.  For additional information please call 949-582-4920. 


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