South Orange County Community College District

Monday, March 19, 2002 – Saddleback College

Channel 39, Saddleback College: Channel 33, Irvine Valley College
Friday 3/22 7 p.m. Saturday, 3/23 7 p.m. Friday, 3/22 7 p.m. Saturday, 3/23 7 p.m.

Board Clerk Trustee Nancy Padberg announced the following Closed Session actions:

On a 6 to 0 vote, with one abstention, the Board appointed William Christiansen to the position of Director, Foundation, Irvine Valley College.  On a unanimous vote, the Board appointed Susan Cooper to the position of Interim Vice President of Instruction, Irvine Valley College.  The Board voted unanimously to instruct legal counsel to intervene in Orange County Superior Court in the case of Santa Ana Unified School District v. the City of Tustin, and to intervene in the pending validation action in the Orange County Superior Court case.

Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes led the Invocation and Board President Donald P. Wagner led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board President Donald P. Wagner thanked Chancellor Mathur, President Bullock and Dean Rocco Cifone for developing the information that went under his and Dr. Mathur’s byline for the Op Ed piece in the O.C. Register on March 17 about both colleges being in compliance with Title IX.  He deferred the rest of his time to President Bullock, who announced that Student Trustee Steven McCarty was selected as the All USA Academic Team winner for Saddleback College. Trustee Marcia Milchiker said that she invited Aaron Brull to the Orange County School Boards Association to speak.  She complimented the theater arts programs on both campuses as excellent, and urged people to attend the upcoming performances. Trustee John Williams said that 80 full-time faculty members earned over $100,000 per year in 2001, and commented that SOCCCD is a good place to work.  He commended the Human Resources Department  on the half-page ad placed in the Chronicle of Higher Education to recruit administrators. Vice President Dorothy Fortune said that the many of the SOCCCD faculty are highly paid.  Clerk Nancy Padberg said she continues to work on the Tustin base issues, and said that the recent agreement between RSCCD and the City of Tustin does provide hope for future SOCCCD plans.  She congratulated the Saddleback College Men’s Basketball Team for its #1 ranking in the state, complimented the Saddleback College Women’s Basketball Team for making it into the finals, and commended the SOCCCD Forensics Team for achieving the #1 ranking in California among all 108 community colleges.  Trustee Dave Lang also congratulated the teams and extended his congratulations to Trustee Fuentes and Trustee Williams for their primary election showings.  He congratulated Prof. Bill Otta, who is retiring after nearly 34 years at Saddleback College, a “remarkable achievement.” Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes thanked IVC student leader Anthony Quo for the luncheon he and other trustees attended.  He congratulated all the communities on the passage of Measure W, the anti-airport measure on the March 5 ballot, with early support from SOCCCD Board of Trustees.  Student Trustee Steven McCarty urged attendance at the Women’s Conference held at Saddleback College on Friday, March 22 in BGS 210 to recognize the achievements of women.

Student Trustee Steven McCarthy won selection to the All-USA Academic Team representing Saddleback College.


  President Dixie Bullock (above), Chancellor Dr. Raghu P. Mathur and Board President Donald P. Wagner congratulate Student Trustee Steven McCarthy on his selection.  



Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes requested a report on the cost to purchase new aerial photography of the campuses.  Trustee Marcia Milchiker requested a report on why the cross-cultural studies grant is being pulled.  The requests were approved.


Proclamations: Irvine Valley College Administration of Justice Program and Saddleback College Corrections and Criminal Justice Program by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas Chief of Staff Deputy District Attorney Charles Middleton.  


·The Board unanimously approved the Consent Calendar.

·The Board approved guest speakers for a teach-in on utility deregulation at Saddleback College.

·The Board approved typesetting of a student handbook in Farsi for Saddleback College.

·The Board approved an honorarium for a speaker who appeared on February 13.  The Board requested that speakers be submitted for approval before they appear.

·The Board approved attendance by Journalism students and the Lariat advisor at the 2002 State Journalism Conference in Sacramento April 4-7.

· The Board approved Market Research Associates to conduct focus group research for Saddleback College.

·The Board approved Summer 2002 course titles, presenters, and compensation for Community Education for Saddleback College.

·The Board approved an additional contract to complete the study of the Child Development Centers and Early Childhood Education programs at both colleges.

·The Board approved a subcontract agreement with Rancho Santiago CCD for a dual admissions project at Irvine Valley College, to be reimbursed upon completion.

·The Board approved IVC curriculum revisions for the 2002 academic year.

·The Board approved the appointment of Chancellor Dr. Raghu P. Mathur to the office of Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

·The Board requested re-submission to the April meeting the sabbatical leave request by Saddleback College Professor Al Kirsch.



President Dixie Bullock announced that Professor Maureen Smith was nominated as the Saddleback College 2003 Teacher of the Year.  

 A report requested by the Board on the status of the Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College Emeritus Institute was prepared and submitted by Dr. Tom Anderson, Vice Chancellor of Educational Services, SC Health, Human Services, and Emeritus Institute Dean Julie Bright, SC Emeritus Director Sandy Marzilli, and IVC Emeritus Director David Anderson, Jr.  The Emeritus Institute, established in 1976, is funded by the state at 48% based on weekly student attendance, and are free to students except for materials fees.  Report highlights: 89% of classes are non-credit, and 96% of classes are held at more than 25 off-campus, community-based locations in over eight cities.  Student enrollment has increased 34% in the past two semesters.  Emeritus student enrollments will surpass 2,000 students this current semester for the first time in campus history.  The average enrollment per section, increasing each year, is between 35 and 41 each semester.  The program had only 24 students on wait lists for the Spring 2002 semester.  All faculty members are part-time.  Each semester the program experiences an increase in students and faculty with no increase in support staff.  The current staff to faculty ratio is 1:33.  The current support staff to student ratio is 1:3,952 and is expected to grow to 1:4,152 by the end of the Spring semester.  The Board accepted the report.

The Board requested a report on SOCCCD Basic Aid: SOCCCD currently receives more revenue from local sources (property taxes and student enrollment fees) that it would receive in Program Based Funding (PBF).  PBF COLA is 2.15% in 2002-03 and 2.0% in each of the next five years, and 2% growth funding is projected for this period, contrasted with secured property tax collections anticipated t grow by 10.0% in 2002-03 and 6.0% for each of the next five years.  The “Pool Case” collection formula impact on property tax revenues is uncertain at this time, but could reduce basic aid balances $40 million dollars by 6/30/06.  The Board accepted the report.


The Board accepted a Partnership for Excellence Survey of local investments of partnership funds.

 The SOCCCD Order of Priority and Schedule of Funds for the 2004-05 – 2008-09 Five-Year Construction Plan.  A motion to approve the 5-Year Plan as presented failed.  The Board requested further review and study and approved bringing the item back again to the April meeting.


A second motion made by Trustee John Williams was approved by the Board to “allocate and begin to reserve from local, basic aid funds a total of $12,700,000 dollars for the construction of the Saddleback College Health Sciences Classroom Building, and those basic aid funds shall be reserved and expended over the next 30 months.  Any supplementary support from the State and/or from private donations shall be used in place of basic aid.”


The California Community College Trustees 2002 Board election.  Each member of the Board submitted to the Community College League a list  of their selections of up to 11 candidates for nomination to the CCCT Board of Directors.

2002-03 Board Goals for the Chancellor were approved, with the addition submitted by Trustee Padberg, “direct and ensure performance reviews of all staff,” added to item 6, section B.

A.    Accomplish measurable progress with the nine goals established by the Board of Trustees on January 14, 2001.

1.   Sustain a minimum of 2% growth rate using the Weekly Student Contact Hours (WSCH)         measurement of student growth.  Growth should be achieved through strategies that do not decrease WSCH/FTEF (Full-time Equivalent Faculty) as a measure of efficiency.  The colleges should not fall below 500 WSCH per FTEF.

2.Establish appropriate, equitable, budget support (OSH, supplies, equipment) for college programs and divisions with the largest WSCH for credit courses and the greatest WSCH growth rate.

3.Establish accountability evaluation standards for staff, divisions, and programs, and utilize student achievement reporting systems.

4.Begin fundraising campaigns with the state legislature, health care, and retiree groups and, at the community level, for the Saddleback College health science classroom building and the Irvine Valley College performing arts classroom building.

5.Finalize construction plans for district offices in order to vacate current space occupied by the district in Saddleback College buildings.  Designate funding source when building cost is determined.

6.Maintain board-approved “Budget Guidelines Schedule” to retire total debt by 2008; assume no new debt without a dedicated revenue stream; and continue funding (per actuarial recommendation) of the liability of retirees’ medical, dental, and vision plans.  Do not use Basic Aid Funds for ongoing fiscal obligations, and prepare for return to Program Based Funding (PBF) and the end of Basic Aid.

7.Maintain contingency reserves of 6.5% or more for emergencies.

8.Review and update board policies.

9.Continue program review on both campuses.

B.Develop information and make recommendations to the Board on ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of district operations.


1.Link a 2% college budget increase/decrease to a 2% growth of WSCH of credit courses.

2.Direct colleges to increase/decrease program funding according to growth, numbers of students enrolled in programs, completing programs, and program costs.

3.Direct colleges not to duplicate costly programs (nursing, television, light opera, etc.) and to combine or eliminate under-enrolled programs.

4.    Expand the district presence in the community through the Chancellor’s memberships,    speeches, the colleges’ open houses, invited tours of campuses, improved media coverage, meetings with elected officials, social gatherings, etc.

Organization Oversight

5.Ensure that by April 1 all administrators, in conjunction with their superiors, have high priority, measurable, achievable goals to pursue until their November evaluations.

Human Resources

6.Direct Human Resources to update employee hiring, evaluation and disciplinary procedures by December for Board approval.

Tustin Base

7.Assist Board in developing a mission statement, funding, staffing, and potential partnerships for the Tustin Base site.

Board Communication

8.Maintain trustees informed about all crucial concerns, aiming for full disclosure on significant issues.


Effective July 1, 2002, the new Executive Salary Schedule for Presidents and Vice Chancellors shall be placed at Step 1 ($130,000 for Presidents, $120,000 for Vice Chancellors) beginning July 1, 2002.   These positions shall not receive COLA adjustments in addition to step increases and shall not receive a yearly stipend for an earned doctorate.  The monthly mileage allowance for each position shall be $500.00.

Effective July 1, 2002, abolish the position of Associate Vice Chancellor from Executive Salary Schedule. 

Irvine Valley College Interim President Dr. Glenn Roquemore was appointed on February 25, 2002.  The Executive Salary Schedule, Step 1, became effective February 26, 2002 until the permanent position is filled.

Karl Abrams, SC full-time Faculty in Mathematics, Science & Engineering, change from one year sabbatical leave to one semester sabbatical leave for Fall 2002.  Yolanda Gomez Gouldsmith, IVC EOPS/CARE Counselor will have an assignment transfer to Saddleback College Counseling effective July 29, 2002.  Richard Wilson, full-time Faculty, Health Sciences, Human Services and Emeritus Institute, Saddleback College, is placed on administrative leave effective March 1, 2002 through the end of the academic year.  Timothy Wilhelm, full-time Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Irvine Valley College, requested a leave of absence for Spring 2003 based on 15 LHE banked in the 2002-02 academic year.  Martha Sue Kosmides, Librarian, Liberal Arts and Learning Resources, Saddleback College, will retire effective August 1, 2002 (hire date 3/1/85).  William E. Otta, Sociology Instructor/Head Tennis Coach, Saddleback College, will retire effective May 17, 2002 (hire date 8/1/68).  Lee B. Waian, Environmental Studies Instructor, Saddleback College, will retire effective May 17, 2002 (hire date 8/20/79).


·Joseph San Juan is to be employed as an Instructional Designer, Advanced Technology, Irvine Valley College, effective March 20, 2002.

·John L. Robinson is to be employed as an Instructional Assistant, Saddleback College Mathematics, Science, Engineering, , effective April 1, 2002.

·Carol Spencer is to be employed as Purchasing Assistant, District Purchasing and Facilities Planning, effective March 20, 2002.

·Sergio Espinoza is to be employed as Custodian, Facilities and Maintenance, Irvine Valley College, effective April 1, 2002.

·Rosemary Kramer-Harry, Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of Instruction, Saddleback College, will retire effective April 1, 2002 (hire date 8/25/89).

·Michael J. Muller, Network Systems Technician, Saddleback College Advanced Technology, Applied Sciences, resignation effective March 22, 2002.

·Patricia Waring, Research Analyst, Office of Research, Planning, Grants, Irvine Valley College, resignation effective February 28, 2002.


Dr. Raghu P. Mathur, Chancellor, reported that he and his family went to see the Saddleback College production of “Smile” at the McKinney theater, and congratulated President Bullock on her cameo performance.  He congratulated Professor Maureen Smith on her nomination as SC “Teacher of the year.”  Chancellor Mathur also congratulated the SOCCCD Forensics Team and Coaches Gary Rybold and Larry Radden for their #1 ranking, and the Men’s and Women’s Gauchos Basketball Teams for their top performances.


SADDLEBACK COLLEGE HIGHLIGHTS BY PRESIDENT DIXIE BULLOCK: Over 300 people celebrated the Deans’ List awards on February 28th.  A recognition breakfast to recognize the contributions of major donors was hosted by the Saddleback College Foundation on March 1st.  Health Sciences Nursing Professor Dr. Terri Whitt unveiled the first Tele Ed classroom on March 1, linking Saddleback College live with industry partners at Hoag Memorial Hospital, Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, and UCI Medical Center and was attended by Trustee Marcia Milchiker and Chancellor Dr. Raghu Mathur.  Congratulations to students Leila Mandi Allahyarai, Jessica Blanchette, Atara Gottschalk, Steven Homestead, Jonathan Lara, Laura Russell, Kathryn Schultz, Ian Anderson, Rob Carpenter, Tracey Gonsalves, Steven Guess, Kim Lanford, Scott Metzler, Penny Schafer, and AtipViyakornvilas who have been selected to make presentations at the HTCC Honors Research Conference oat UCI on March 9.  ASG hosted a reception to honor faculty and staff on March 15th.  ASG held the annual Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony under the direction of Penny Skaff and faculty advisor Dr. Alannah Orrison RosenbergPresident Bullock hosted the first-ever High School Principal’s Breakfast on Friday, March 15th“Smile,” a satire on American beauty pageants, runs through March 24 in the McKinney Theatre.  Title III hosted an Open House on Tuesday, March 19 from 3 to 5 p.m. to highlight projects benefiting students over the last 4 years.  The annual High School Senior Day will be held on campus Wednesday, March 20 from Noon to 3 p.m.  Women’s Conference 2002 will be held on Friday, March 22 in BGS 210. The SOCCCD Forensics Team comprised of students from Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College, won its ninth and tenth sweepstakes of the 2001-02 season February 15 & 16 at Cerritos College, and won top honors in the best school overall and novice category.  Dr. Donald Busche, Vice President of Instruction, is an Excellence in Leadership award winner from the California Community College Association for Occupational Education.  Jerry Hannula, Athletics Public Information Officer, won the “Brass Top” Award from the California Community College Sports Information Association.  Go Gauchos! 


The IVC Emeritus Institute launched a new web site ( and its first-ever informational brochure to highlight and increase public awareness of IVC’s adult educational programs, announced Director Dave Anderson, Jr.  IVC will negotiate with the Irvine Unified School District to acquire 10 trailers, which are ADA compliant, into larger Montessori classrooms.  The HVAC systems will be upgraded this summer.  The A-200 building will be re-wired beginning in May and should be completed in 90 days.  The IVC Art Gallery is featuring “Determined Visions” by artists with disabilities.  Call Gallery Director Mark Leysen 949-451-5454 for more information.  Repairs to the perimeter road by Facilities and Maintenance began on March 1st, and are expected to be completed by March 29.  The IVC Lasers Women’s Basketball Team Coached by Julie Hanks with an assist this season from Volleyball Coach Tom Pestolesi, qualified for the Southern California regional Playoffs.  IVC Men’s Basketball Lasers Coach Jerry Hernandez expect to do well in the Community College So. Cal. Regional Playoffs.


No reports were given.


Academic Senate President Alannah Orrison submitted a written report. 


Academic Senate President Lewis Long did not attend.


President Mary Williams did not attend.


President Jaime Cayetano did not attend.


President Cloyce Kelly did not attend.


 The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


Donald P. Wagner, President - Dorothy Fortune, Vice President -  Nancy Padberg, Clerk 

Thomas A. Fuentes, Trustee - David P. Lang, Trustee 

Marcia Milchiker, Trustee - John S. Williams, Trustee 

Steven McCarty, Student Trustee - Dr. Raghu P. Mathur, Chancellor 

The highlighted synopsis of the Board of Trustees meeting is prepared by Pamela Zanelli, Public Affairs Director, and is not the official minutes.  Please call 949-582-4920 for further information.