South Orange County Community College District

Monday, August 26, 2002 - Saddleback College

Channel 39, Saddleback College
Channel 33, Irvine Valley College
Friday, August 30- 7:00 p.m. &
Saturday - August 31 - 7:00 p.m.
Friday, August 30 - 7:00 p.m. &
Saturday - August 31 - 7:00 p.m.




Board President Donald P. Wagner opened the meeting
by welcoming all new and returning students to the
new fall, 2002, semester.





Board Clerk Trustee Nancy Padberg announced the following Closed Session actions: The Board voted unanimously, with Trustee Lang absent, to place an administrative employee on paid administrative leave. The Board voted unanimously, with Trustee Milchiker and Trustee Lang absent, to reassign Vern Hodge, Vice President of Student Services at Saddleback College, to Vice President of Student Services, Irvine Valley College, effective October 1, 2002, or sooner upon agreement of the parties. The Board voted, with Trustee Lang and Trustee Milchiker absent, to appoint Diane Dumas as Acting Dean, Health, Human Services, and Emeritus Institute at Saddleback College, effective August 26, 2002.


Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes offered his heartiest congratulations to Trustees Wagner, Padberg, and Milchiker for their uncontested re-election. He said their re-election without opposition speaks volumes to their leadership of this Board, and he looks forward to working with them. Trustee Fuentes said that he is delighted and impressed with the fine programs planned at both colleges to commemorate the September 11, 2001 Attack on America. Clerk Nancy Padberg thanked the public for its confidence in her leadership. Trustee Padberg attended opening semester ceremonies at both the IVC and Saddleback campuses and attended Chancellor Mathur's "New Beginnings" Reception for District management at the Mission Viejo Country Club. She noted that the campus parking lots were full when she arrived at 7 a.m. She thinks that the location signs, information booths, and parking updates on KSBR are all very helpful and welcoming to students. Vice President Dorothy Fortune did not give a report. Board President Donald P. Wagner thanked the public for its confidence in him. He welcomed Chancellor Mathur back to work. President Wagner urged everyone in the college community to attend the 9/11 events beginning at 11:45 a.m. on their respective campuses to express solidarity. He said that Trustee Fuentes will emcee the IVC ceremony. He is happy to report that enrollment is up, a long-standing goal of the Board. President Wagner thanked the Chancellor and the Presidents, faculty, and staff for all their good work on launching the new semester. Trustee Marcia Milchiker thanked the public for its vote of confidence. She pledged to do her very best. She attended the opening semester remarks made by Chancellor Mathur, and the faculty lunch and classified breakfast. Trustee Milchiker noted that the Presidents reports at both colleges were very well done. Trustee David B. Lang was absent. Trustee John Williams expressed congratulations to Trustees Wagner, Padberg, and Milchiker for their unopposed re-elections to four-year terms. Trustee Williams noted that SOCCCD saved approximately $260,000 dollars because it did not have a contested trustee election. Trustee Williams attended the Chancellor's opening semester address and the faculty luncheon, for which he thanked the Faculty Association.


Trustee Nancy Padberg requested a report on the administrative staff load comparative to the two colleges and the other community college districts in Orange County. The request was approved unanimously.
Trustee Marcia Milchiker noted the increase in the number of students enrolled at IVC and Saddleback. She requested a report on how SOCCCD will cope with the increased enrollments. The request was approved unanimously.


A Resolution to support local control of community colleges in the new California Master Plan for Higher Education was approved unanimously by the Board.


Board President Wagner advanced Agenda items #35 and #36.

#35 - New Board Policy: BP-4075, Health and Welfare Benefits for Former Board of Trustees. It was noted that the District will not incur any costs with the provision of benefits to retiring trustees. Trustees would pay the entire cost. The item passed unanimously.

#36 - Revisions to BP 104 - Student Member. The Board unanimously approved an amended policy for students to serve as advisory members of the Board, including: residing within the boundaries of SOCCCD, be enrolled in no less than twelve units per semester, and to maintain the same academic standard as student athletes, a 2.0 GPA.

Board President Wagner advanced Agenda Item #18.
#18 - Health Sciences/District Offices Building Preliminary Design - For Information Only. The architects for the project, LPA (Leason Pomeroy Associates), presented the preliminary design for the Board's review. Chancellor Mathur introduced representatives from LPA. Dr. Mathur said that LPA's discussions with staff have been extremely fruitful and very positive, and that LPA has been both responsive and responsible.
LPA representatives said that they have met with all user groups for the past 10 weeks. LPA's intent in designing the building is to make the campus better and to make the building a gateway, a front door entrance to the campus. The Health Sciences/District Offices building, when completed, will be the tallest building on the Saddleback College campus. The Board hearing room is planned to have theater seating that will accommodate lecture classes when the room is not in use. Board President Wagner commented that it is nice to fill a need without having to issue a local bond measure, because SOCCCD is funding the entire construction with existing funds. LPA said that the goal of the building design is to unify the materials and colors with the other buildings on campus. LPA is designing the building "from the inside out" to make it highly functional.

Front of Health Sciences/District Offices (HS/DO) Building. The circle, right front, will be a board hearing room and lecture space. Back of the 3-story, 61,000 square foot Health Sciences/District Offices Building.
The HSB/DO (red area) will be located in the North end of the upper campus, between Technology & Applied Sciences and the Student Services Center. The HSB/DO (red area) aerial view of the site location on Saddleback's campus.


  • The Board unanimously approved the Consent Calendar.
  • The Board approved the minutes of the regular meetings of the Board of Trustees of October 29, 2001, and November 20, 2001.
  • The Board accepted the notice of completion of Saddleback College parking lots 9 and 10 resurfacing.
  • The Board accepted the notice of completion of the Saddleback College remodel of Math/Science/Engineering classrooms.
  • Adoption of Resolution 02-43 to approve the revised Conflict of Interest Code was unanimously approved by the Board.
  • The Board accepted for information a Basic Aid fiscal report that shows SOCCCD receives more from local property taxes and student enrollment fees than from Program Based Funding (PBF) state aid. There is still no judicial ruling on the Pool Case, which remains an emerging issue with the outcome uncertain. The 2002-2003 budget will provide a $9.6 million dollar reserve for prior year impact of the Pool case in accordance with the estimates provided.
  • The Board accepted for information the Monthly Financial Status Report. The ending fund balance of $7,093,608 of the $138,061,916 Budget includes a reserve of 6.25%.
  • SOCCCD's initial proposal for negotiation with the SOCCCD Faculty Association was accepted by the Board and set a public hearing for September 30, 2002. Board President Wagner recessed the meeting to public hearings on Agenda item #23, the SOCCCDFA Proposal, and #24, the Final Budget for 2002-2003. No members of the public came forward to speak on either item. President Wagner then reconvened the regular meeting.
  • Adoption of the Final Budget for 2002-2003. Chancellor Mathur stated that the budget is a balanced budget with 6.25% held in reserve, and was developed with the participation of all groups. Although the state has not yet adopted a budget, SOCCCD has in order to meet its obligations. Deputy Chancellor Poertner said that the state will give a 2% COLA, and is expected to adopt a budget with a $24 billion dollar deficit, with deficits to continue for a number of years. The challenges to IVC and Saddleback, and to many colleges throughout the state, are increased costs with decreased state support. Despite the state budget scenario, the SOCCCD budget picture is healthy because of its financial planning and its prudent use of basic aid money and set asides for retirement and other costs, in addition to the retirement of COP (Certificates of Participation) debt. The Chancellor and the Board discussed remanding most of the $260,000 saved from not having to hold a trustee election to the colleges and to use a portion for staff development. The final budget was unanimously approved by the Board.
  • The Board unanimously approved Academic Personnel Items. The Board ratified the appointment of Saddleback College Interim Dean of Business Science, Vocational Education, and Economic Development Ken Patton, effective August 12 through December 1, 2002. The Board approved the new salary schedule placement of Saddleback College Vice President of Student Services Vern Hodge, effective July 1, 2002. The Board approved the reassignment of Irvine Valley College Vice President of Student Services Armando Ruiz to the Office of Special Programs and Support Services as an EOPS/Care Counselor, effective September 3, 2002.
  • The Board unanimously approved Classified Personnel Items. The Board approved new personnel appointments: Deborah Russell, Saddleback College Health Center Nurse, effective August 27, 2002. Kristine Murakami is to be employed as an Irvine Valley College Library Assistant II, effective September 3, 2002. The following personnel resigned/retired/concluded employment: SOCCCD Information Processor Kathleen M. Craven with the Office of Economic & Resource Development has concluded her employment effective July 31, 2002. Gloria Gimbrone, Saddleback College Fine Art Lab Technician, has submitted her resignation effective August 31, 2002, and her retirement effective on August 31, 2002. Margaretha Henry, SOCCCD Information Processor I, Office of Economic and Resource Development, has concluded her employment effective July 31, 2002.
  • The Board voted unanimously to remove the new Administrative Salary Schedule, previously adopted at the June 24, 2002 meeting, for further review and study by Chancellor Mathur.
  • The Board voted unanimously to refer the contract for the Classified Leadership Classification Study to Chancellor Mathur for revision and to bring the item back to a future meeting of the Board.
  • The Board voted unanimously to approve District-Colleges Institutional Memberships.
  • The hiring of a geotechnical consultant to perform geotechnical studies on the Saddleback College Technology and Applied Science, Science/Math/Engineering and Library buildings was unanimously approved by the Board.


Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur thanked the Board, faculty, administration and staff for extending him best wishes when he was recovering from heart bypass surgery. He congratulated Trustees Wagner, Padberg, and Milchiker on their re-elections without opposition. SOCCCD enrollment has increased 9.3% in the number of students. Productivity is up 6.5%. A total of 32,129 students are enrolled to date.

SADDLEBACK COLLEGE PRESIDENT DIXIE BULLOCK congratulated the trustees who were re-elected. President Bullock announced that the Saddleback College community will hold a special commemoration, "Remembering 9/11," marking the first anniversary of the Attack on America, on Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 11:45 a.m. in the Student Quad, and will feature patriotic songs, a color guard, and reflections on the life of Lisa Frost, a 9/11 victim from Rancho Santa Margarita. The event will be sign-language interpreted. New directional signage and information booths around campus will help students navigate the first few weeks of classes, and KSBR is broadcasting up-to-the-minute information on how to avoid much of the parking crunch. On Tuesday, September 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. representatives from CSU, UC and private four-year colleges/universities will answer students questions at the annual College and University Transfer Day. KSBR is keeping listeners "jazzed" in at least 95 countries, according to its streaming provider. The next annual Birthday Bash will be held on May 25, 2003. Welcome to Ken Patton, the new Interim Dean of the Division of Business Science, Vocational Education, and Economic Development. Dean Patton served in a similar capacity since 1991 at Glendale Community College. Director of Safety and Security Harry Parmer captured two gold medals and one silver medal in field archery and bow hunting 3-D animal round, respectively, at the recent California Police and Fireman Games. Music Prof. Al Brightbill and his Saddleback Concert Singers were back-up singers at a recent Barry Manilow concert. Dr. Cathy Hasson, Director of Research, Planning, and Grants, has been elected to the Board of the Research/Planning Group for California Community Colleges. Sports Information Officer Jerry Hannula has been named ex-officio board member of the statewide Community College Public Relations Organization (CCPRO). Learning Resources Prof. Ana Maria Cobos is the co-author of "Latin American Studies:An Annotated Bibliography of Core Works," Counselor Peter Espinosa is a volunteer in South Orange County's celebration of International Literacy Day, to advance adult literacy, set for Sept. 8 at Mission San Juan Capistrano.

IRVINE VALLEY COLLEGE PRESIDENT DR.GLENN ROQUEMORE offered his congratulations to the Board members who were re-elected by acclamation. He welcomed back Chancellor Mathur. President Roquemore announced a successful staff development week, and thanked the Board for its support. He said that head count is up 12.9%, WSCH increased 7.3%, and more than 1,200 students were added to the IVC student population, and may increase up to 1,300.


ASG President Tony Bartolini did not give a report.

No report was given.

President Mark Sierakowski did not give a report.

President Gloria Garcia did not give a report.

President Randy Anderson said that it is an exciting start to a new year. He said that he hopes the Board will participate with the Senate in terms of devoting some of its time to the important issues. He thanked the Board for considering the funding for staff development.

President Jefferey Kaufman did not give a report.

President Mike Merrifield thanked Board members for attending the Faculty Association luncheon. The increases in enrollment are an important consideration for the faculty. He said he looks forward to working with the Board.

President Mary Williams thanked Trustee Padberg for her provision of Krispy Kreme donuts at the classified breakfast. She said that enrollment is up, yet classified staff has not increased, and classified employees have worked without a contract for a year.

President Cloyce Kelly did not give a report.

The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 9:14 p.m.


Donald P. Wagner, President • Dorothy Fortune, Vice President • Nancy Padberg, Clerk
Thomas A. Fuentes, Trustee • David B. Lang, Trustee • Marcia Milchiker, Trustee • John S. Williams, Trustee
Dr. Raghu P. Mathur, Chancellor • Student Trustee position is not yet filled.


The highlighted synopsis of the Board of Trustees meeting is
prepared by Pamela Zanelli, Public Affairs Director, and is not the official minutes.
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