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Irvine Valley College
South Orange County Community College District

Tuesday, January 21, 2003 - Saddleback College

Channel 39, Saddleback College
Channel 33, Irvine Valley College
Friday, January 24 - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 25 - 7:00 p.m.

Friday, January 24 - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 25 - 7:00 p.m.



Board Clerk Trustee Nancy Padberg announced the following Closed Session action:

The Board voted 7 to 0 to appoint Susan Brown the Interim Dean of Health Sciences, Physical Education, and Athletics
at Irvine Valley College.


The Board of Trustees approved new hiring policies for academic administrators, classified managers, and full-time faculty, and a Human Resources Ethics Policy, Confidentiality and Confilict of Interest Statements.

Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes offered congratulations to Trustee John Williams, who officially was sworn-in on January 6th as the new Orange County Public Administrator; Trustee Nancy Padberg, who was appointed to Williams' professional staff; and Congressman Chris Cox, who is the new Chair of the Homeland Security Oversight Committee. Trustee Fuentes said that he would like to see the future SOCCCD Tustin site be a homeland security training center. Trustee David B. Lang said that he is distressed by the impact of the Governor's proposed budget. Orange County is sending a disproportionate share of our tax dollars to Sacramento, and now the Governor wants to make SOCCCD use its local tax dollars to fund state mandates. He urged everyone to contact their state legislators to maintain local control of our local tax dollars. He attended an interfaith service honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, a true American patriot. Board President Donald P. Wagner advanced a report by Chancellor Mathur to give an update on the state budget. Chancellor Mathur announced that the state budget deficit is projected to be $34.6 billion dollars. Governor Davis proposes cutting $1 billion dollars from the community college system over the next 18 months. Community colleges take great pride in preparing students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and are a major engine driving the state's economy. There are more community college students than the CSU and UC systems combined. The cuts proposed by Gov. Davis for K-12 are not as severe as those proposed for community colleges. Funding for the UC and CSU systems could be 2% higher, but there will be a 10% cut for community colleges! Mid-year cuts proposed by Davis amount to $288 million dollars. The community college system has proposed a $158 million cut. The community college system could lose between 150,000 to 200,000 students due to cuts coupled with a tuition increase from $11 per unit, the lowest in the nation, to $24 per unit. SOCCCD's share of basic aid money that the Governor wants to use for the state general fund is unconscionable. SOCCCD is projecting growth of 8% during 2002-03 in FTES, exceeding the Board's goal of 2%, and exceeding the state's growth goal by 5%. He urged all to lobby their legislators because SOCCCD will have to make cuts this year between $3 million and $5 million dollars. Clerk Nancy Padberg said that SOCCCD did not issue a bond as other districts did because it prudently used its local tax funds for its projects. It's outrageous for the state to rob our local funds. There is a bill by Senator DeDe Alpert to remove local control of community colleges from local boards of trustees. Vice President Dorothy Fortune said that union negotiators canceled meetings in December and in January until January 31st. She urged that the unions meet with the administration negotiating team to conclude contracts as soon as possible. Board President Donald P. Wagner stated that it is outrageous for the state to attempt to balance the budget on the backs of students and to take basic aid money. This is taxation without representation that takes from our local citizens money to educate our students. He said that the Chancellor, Trustee Lang, and he were going to Sacramento to see our legislators, and to make our case that we will pay our fair share, but not at the expense of local students and taxpayers. Trustee Marcia Milchiker urged others to attend the Orange County School Boards Association (OCSBA) meeting to learn more about advocating for local control of K-12 schools and community colleges, and report back to the Board. Trustee John Williams urged all of the governance groups to lobby their legislators on the budget. Gov. Davis wants to take between $5 million and $10 million dollars away from SOCCCD to give to other districts. He offered prayers for our troops recently deployed to the Middle East. Student Trustee Derek Wong urged all to work together to keep cuts as far away from the classroom as possible. He announced that he is part of the students' voice on the accreditation committee. He said that he echoes Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of non-violence.


Trustee Nancy Padberg requested a report on all trustees' media appearances for information and/or action. Trustee John Williams requested a report on the District's organizational structure for information and/or action. The Board approved both requests.

Trustee John Williams was unanimously nominated by the Board to the California Community College Trustees (CCCT) Board of Directors.


Board President Donald P. Wagner removed #46 (Petition for Boundary Change) from the Consent Calendar. President Wagner advanced Agenda item #50, Board Policies.

  • The Board unanimously approved the Consent Calendar.
  • The Board approved the minutes of the Regular meeting of May 28, 2002, and the Special Meeting of June 14, 2002.
  • The Board approved BP 401, Hiring Policy for Academic Administrators, Classified Managers, and Classified staff; BP 401.1, Full-Time Faculty Hiring Policy; and BP 401.2, Human Resources Ethics Policy, Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Statements.
  • The Board accepted for Information an analysis of the cost of repairs to various buildings at Saddleback College, to be brought back to the February Board meeting as an action item.
  • The Board unanimously approved the nomination of Trustee John Williams, nominated by Trustee Nancy Padberg, who cited his demonstrated abilities and experience, to the Board of Directors of the California Community College Trustees (CCCT).
  • The Board approved recommendations on the California Master Plan for Education pertaining to Recommendation 34.1., as requested by the Community College League of California (CCLC).
  • Recommendations on the Equity and Diversity Task Force Report requested by the State Chancellor were approved by the Board.
  • Board Policies 4309 through 4309.4, Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty, was accepted for review and study.
  • Board Policy 4000.2, Digital Information Network, use policy, was accepted for review and study.
  • Revision to Board Policy 8000, Speech and Advocacy, was accepted for review and study.
  • The Board approved a contract with California School Services for legislative advocacy in Sacramento for local control and to protect SOCCCD basic aid.


SADDLEBACK COLLEGE PRESIDENT DIXIE BULLOCK Spring enrollment is up 2% over last year in head count and 5% in WSCH. The SC Women's Tennis Team was selected as the Commission on Athletics Scholar Team Recipient. President Bullock congratulated the SOCCCD Forensics Team, which placed first in the Novice and Senior Divisions at the League Championship at Cal State Long Beach. The SC Football Team finished the season with a successful 9-2 record. Freshman Ryan Powdrell was named MVP of the Strawberry Bowl. Jon Lyon, Tyler Crandal, and Jimmy Ellingson were selected All-Americans by Grid-Wire publication. SC Women's Golf Team captured its third consecutive Orange Empire Conference title, and placed fourth at the So.Cal. Regional Tournament. Bill Cunerty was selected conference Coach of the Year. SC Men's Basketball Team has a record of 6-3, and recently won the Grossmont Tournament. The Women's Basketball Team, ranked seventh at the start of the season, has compiled a 5-1 record under the direction of first-year head coach Fentriss Winn. SC Fine Arts sold out many of its holiday season performances. Upcoming Theater performances: Jan Oliver on Feb. 1 is sold-out; Peking Acrobats Feb. 7, Comedy and Magic Show, March 29, jazz performer Diane Schnuur, May 10, and Rod McKuen on May 17th.

IRVINE VALLEY COLLEGE PRESIDENT DR. GLENN ROQUEMORE announced that IVC Facilities Director Nelson Cayabyab is increasing the college's safety awareness programs. The SOCCCD Forensics Team is rated for the first time as the Number One debate team in the nation! During the past four years, the SOCCCD team has finished either first or second among all community colleges, and last year ranked not only as the number one community college team, but fourth among all two and four-year schools nationally. Mounting state budget cuts have led to the suspension of IVC's Book Loan Program, but disadvantaged students may now participate in a book exchange program created by EOPS Director Bill Hewitt. IVC's Making Transfer Easy (MTE) provided holiday food, entertainment, and gifts to needy children at San Bernardino's Rio Vista Elementary School. IVC Foundation contributions continue to grow under the direction of Director Bill Christiansen, the expanded Board of Governors, and increased participation in the community. Supportive Services coordinated the Adopt-a-Family Program serving 120 low-income families at the IVC cafeteria during the holidays. IVC's Women's Volleyball Team finished second in the Orange Empire Conference, ending with an excellent record of 15-6. IVC Freshman Shane Dougherty placed 5th in the state cross country state championship, the best-ever for an IVC male. IVC Men's Soccer ranked second in the Orange Empire Conference, with an impressive 13/5 win/loss and three ties.


ASG President Tony Bartolini said that the ASG is looking for ways to cut costs and to support important programs.


ASIVC President Nicolette Ward said that student government is trying to brainstorm ways to work around the state budget crisis and to maintain needed services and programs.

President Mark Sierakowski did not give a report.

President Steven Woodard did not give a report.

President Randy Anderson did not attend due to illness.

President Gregg Bishopp requested additional time to enable faculty to review the proposed revisions to Board policies.

President Mike Merrifield said that there was a "disconnect" identified by Student Trustee Derek Wong between what the Chancellor says he does and his actions on working with governance groups to revise Board policies. He said that BP 4011 has some issues, and that the Faculty Association may have to file an unfair labor practice. He said that the Chancellor characterized faculty as "whiners" and "complainers" during in-service on one hand and complimented them on the other hand for projected growth in FTES this year.

President Mary Williams said, in response to a discussion about a State Chancellor's report encouraging employees to teach, that many classified employees are already qualified to teach. She said that she hopes the Board supports waiving the blended rate to encourage professional growth. She said we come to the negotiating table with good faith to raise the standard of living of classified employees and to work as part of the employment team.

President Cloyce Kelly said that the POA is working to accommodate the budget crisis. He announced that the POA is ready to negotiate.

Board President Donald P. Wagner congratulated Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes on his re-election as Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County.

Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes was elected to a tenth consecutive term as Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party. He is the "Dean" of the Republican Party chairpersons in California's 58 counties. Chancellor Mathur and Board President Donald P. Wagner congratulate Trustee Fuentes as he begins his 19th year as Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party.


The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 9:59 p.m.


Donald P. Wagner, President • Dorothy Fortune, Vice President • Nancy Padberg, Clerk
Thomas A. Fuentes, Trustee • David B. Lang, Trustee • Marcia Milchiker, Trustee • John S. Williams, Trustee
Student Trustee Derek Wong
Dr. Raghu P. Mathur, Chancellor


The highlighted synopsis of the Board of Trustees meeting is prepared by Pamela Zanelli, Public Affairs Director,
and is not the official minutes. For more information, please call 949-582-4920.
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