South Orange County Community College District

February 26, 2007

  • The Board presented a resolution to Orange Coast College in honor of its 60th anniversary.


  • Trustee William O. Jay expressed that both Colleges should have stadiums, which would make excellent fundraising projects for the Foundations. He extended his deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Mark Daily, a former SC student, who died recently in Iraq.


  • Trustee Marcia Milchiker mentioned that Valentine's Day was the 40th anniversary of the formation of the District, originally known as “the District with a heart.”


  • Trustee Nancy M. Padberg participated in a meeting of the OCTA Stakeholders Working Group during which she expressed concerns about the need for more carpool lanes in South County and improved freeway exits for easier access to Saddleback College. She attended many SC and IVC basketball games this season and proudly announced that both the SC men's and women's teams are in the playoffs. She supported Trustee Jay's comments about the need for stadiums.


  • Trustee John S. Williams was a guest speaker for a SC criminal justice class, taught by Professor Rich Goodman. He supports a multi-use stadium concept at both campuses. He suggested that the issue of whether to have invocations, at District public events and meetings, be placed on the ballot for an advisory vote to make sure that District practices reflect the community.


  • Student Trustee Elizabeth Kelly is working on a “Connections Week” event with the SC and IVC student governments to be held in late April. SC Associated Student Government will be holding an “Awareness Week” in April. Student Trustee applications for 2007-08 are now available and she encouraged students to apply.


  • Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur announced that spring enrollment headcount is up 3% and FTES is projected to be up 4.4%. He and Trustee Williams attended the Futures Assembly Conference in Orlando, at which Trustee Williams was honored with an award for his support of the organization. They heard presentations on a number of best practices including bioscience, institutional effectiveness, and online services for distance education students. The District Report to the Community has just been released and he recognized the efforts of Tracy Daly, working with the College Presidents, and the District Marketing and Public Affairs staff.


  • SC President Richard McCullough's written report included mention of: a visit from the National Science Foundation to discuss making the Rapid Prototyping Program a National Center; Transfer Center activities; “Steps for Success” event by the EOPS Department with Capistrano Unified School District and Hispanic Scholarship Fund; Fine Arts performances; an update from the Division of Health Sciences, Human Services and Emeritus Institute; and SC Foundation contributions and activities.


  • IVC President Glenn Roquemore's written report included mention of: 20th Astounding Inventions competition for hundreds of young inventors which received newspaper and television coverage; an event to kickoff the Performing Arts Center Capital Campaign; IVC Professor Ray Chandos established a $5,000 endowment in memory of his mother; and IVC was featured in the Irvine Mayor's “state of the city” address. The Forensics Team is having a winning season and instructor Craig Grossman had a speech and debate tournament named in his honor.


  • ATEP Provost Robert J. Kopecky 's written report included mention of: campus construction progress and outreach, marketing and public relations efforts.





South Orange County Community College District
  • all consent calendar items, academic personnel actions, and classified personnel actions. If you wish to know specifics, please contact the Office of the President or Deputy Chancellor.


  • SC Community Education Summer 2007 program and presenters.


  • authorization to enter into negotiations for the development of ATEP with appropriate partners that provide the best educational opportunities for the students of the District.


  • agreement for special legal services with Jackson/DeMarco/Tidus/Peckenpaugh to assist in contract negotiations with partners selected for the development of ATEP.


  • a resolution to award Honorary Associate Degrees from IVC to Cecilia Goodman, Wing Lam and Carol Tagayun.


  • hiring a temporary, full time nursing faculty position for SC funded by Hoag Memorial Hospital .


  • a full time tenure track position for the SC nursing program.


  • nominating Trustee Marcia Milchiker for the Marian Bergeson Award, given annually by the Orange County School Boards Association to a trustee who has provided outstanding service to promote and enhance public education.





  • Presentations were made by the following ATEP partnership proposers: ADM Works; AGK Group, LLC; Voit Development Company; and The New Young Americans.


  • The Board discussed the outcome of the November 2006 accreditation progress visits and implications for the October 2007 midterm reports.
  • The Board meeting will be broadcast on Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3 at 7pm, on Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33. SC TV39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, March 4 at 7pm.

South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Thomas A. Fuentes, William O. Jay, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker, Nancy M. Padberg,

Donald P. Wagner, John S. Williams, Elizabeth Kelly, Student Trustee

Raghu P. Mathur, Ed.D., Chancellor

Board Meeting Update Prepared by:
Tracy Daly, District Director
Marketing and Public Affairs