South Orange County Community College District

Board Meeting Highlights

May 22, 2006


The Board presented resolutions to the following individuals.


A resolution was made designating the week of May 22 nd to May 26, 2006 as the Classified School Employees Week in recognition of the valuable skills, service and support provided by classified employees throughout the District.



Paul Ho, 2005-06 Student Trustee (second from left), pictured with his father and brother, far right.



South Orange County Community College District




Jeanne Venditti

IVC Classified Employee of the Year




South Orange County Community College District




Toni Lakow

District Classified Employee of the Year



South Orange County Community College District




Mary Williams

SC Classified Employee of the Year

    South Orange County Community College District



Student Trustee for 2006-07, Elizabeth Kelly, was sworn into office by Board President David B. Lang. 

    South Orange County Community College District


  • Board President David B. Lang announced that Trustee Thomas A. Fuentes was not at the meeting because he was on his way to Washington , D.C. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert appointed Trustee Fuentes to the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission Board of Advisors, succeeding U.S. Congressman J.C. Watts. He congratulated both College presidents on two fine commencement ceremonies and commented that the campuses looked “trim” which was a credit to ground maintenance crews. He thanked all faculty members who attended in support of the graduating students.


  • Vice President Nancy M. Padberg mentioned that the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC), of which Bill Hewitt is now president, is an important advocacy organization in Sacramento.   She attended many end of the year functions including the scholarship and commencement ceremonies. She urged IVC to reconsider discontinuing intercollegiate tennis.


  • Trustee William O. Jay expressed his appreciation to Lewis Long and Claire Cesareo-Silva, outgoing presidents of the Faculty Association and SC Faculty Senate, respectively. He congratulated Bill Hewitt on his election as president of FACCC.


  • Trustee Marcia Milchiker thanked the classified employees who were honored at the meeting and expressed her gratitude to all classified employees. She thanked everyone who participated in the scholarship ceremonies during which hundreds of thousands of dollars were given to students.


  • Trustee Donald P. Wagner wished Bill Hewitt success in Sacramento and welcomed Bob Cosgrove, SC Faculty Senate, and Matt Suarez, SC Classified Senate, to the meeting.


  • Trustee John S. Williams, as with all fellow trustees, expressed his thanks to Paul Ho and welcomed new Student Trustee Elizabeth Kelly. He congratulated the College presidents on outstanding commencement activities. He calculated that each Trustee must have shaken at least 100 hands at graduation.


  • Student Trustee Elizabeth Kelly expressed appreciation to all the students who voted for her and pledged to advocate their positions to the Board. She thanked and introduced her family who were in attendance at the meeting. She hopes to implement new programs and looks forward to working with the student governments on both campuses.


  • Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur gave a report on the Orange County Legislative Task Force, on behalf of Trustee Fuentes who attended the final meeting of the year. He thanked Dr. Allan MacDougall for his outstanding leadership as Interim Vice Chancellor of Technology and Learning Services.  He mentioned that district wide headcount was up 8% for summer, even though at many colleges around the state enrollment is in decline. He commended students and faculty advisor Kathleen Buckner of the award-winning The Lariat student newspaper.


  • SC President Richard McCullough 's written report included mention of: Dr. Norman Weston being named Orange County College Professor of the Year by the Orange County Department of Education; a number of successful events in Student Services; Fine Arts exhibitions and performances; the Emeritus Institute's 30th Anniversary celebration; 100% pass rate of SC nursing students on the national exam; Third Annual Math Science Engineering Academic Triathlon; and the naming of actress Lynn-Holly Johnson as the 2007 Alumna of the Year.


  • IVC President Glenn Roquemore 's written report included mention of: first Alumnus of the Year Award to Orange County deputy district attorney Lisa Grossman; hosting the state men's volleyball championship; two students who took first place in a student film festival for “The Beat at IVC”; Psi Beta Honor Society Psychology students placed first, fourth, and eight at a state conference; Foundation awards dinner raised over $37,000; and the District Speech and Debate Team finished the season by winning the year long sweepstakes award.


  • ATEP Provost Robert J. Kopecky announced that the accrediting commission officially approved the establishment of ATEP (Advanced Technology & Education Park). His written report included mention of: award of a Quick Start grant for the OC Animation project, a joint effort of high schools and community colleges; upcoming marketing brochure; partnership updates; and photonics classes for Ratheon via the Center for Applied Competitive Technology (CACT), now a part of ATEP.


  • Addressing the Board were a number of faculty and members of the community, and: Wendy Gabriella, IVC Academic Senate; Bob Cosgrove, SC Academic Senate; Carol Spencer, CSEA; Matt Suarez, SC Classified Senate; Beep Colclough , IVC Classified Senate; and Andrew Love, SC Associated Student Government.





    South Orange County Community College District

  • all consent calendar items, academic personnel actions, and classified personnel actions. If you wish to know specifics, please contact the Office of the President or Deputy Chancellor.
  • appointment of Dr. Andreea Serban to the position of Vice Chancellor for Technology and Learning Services. She will begin the post on July 31, 2006.


  • SC Oxford semester abroad for Spring 2007.


  • six year facilities plan throughout the District (2006/07 to 2011/12).


  • commitment to fund additional costs, from basic aid, that may be incurred in the construction of the IVC Business and Technology Innovation Center . The original budget was for $15,348,000, including a $2,873,000 local contribution. The current budget for this project is $19,761,000 including $7,286,000 in local funds.


  • award of $988,412 bid to Cornerstone General, Inc., for SC modular classrooms for temporary classroom facilities.


  • Memorandum of Understanding with the Faculty Association that clarifies contractual language and makes technical changes, and includes agreed to provisions that were not included in the contract previously.


  • contract with Neudesic LLC and allocation of $3 million of 2006-07 basic aid revenues for phase one of the project to replace the district wide Student Information System.


  • SC and IVC Child Care monthly fee schedules.


  • $222,047 from the existing ATEP budget for equipment, furniture, and supplies for the Design Model Making and Rapid Prototyping Program (originally housed at IVC).



       The Board received information and discussed:


  • academic calendar for 2007-08 and options for a “compressed calendar.”


  • alumni association activities.


  • outreach and marketing activities. Summer enrollment headcount is up 3% at IVC and 11% at SC.


  • a proposal to discontinue IVC intercollegiate tennis.


  • off-campus offerings, including distance education, over the past six years have increased 42%. Since 2000 there has been a district wide increase in unduplicated headcount of 213%.


  • Correspondence in the Board agenda packet included a letter extending appreciation to Candi Kincaid of District Payroll.


  • The Board meeting will be broadcast at 7pm on Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27 on Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33. SC TV39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, May 28 at 7pm.

South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Thomas A. Fuentes, William O. Jay, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker, Nancy M. Padberg,

Donald P. Wagner, John S. Williams, Elizabeth Kelly, Student Trustee

Raghu P. Mathur, Ed.D., Chancellor

Board Meeting Update Prepared by:
Tracy Daly, District Director
Marketing and Public Affairs