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    May 23, 2005

    South Orange County Community College District






The Board voted to authorize entering into a new three year agreement with

Dr. Raghu P. Mathur as Chancellor.

Brittany Poulton received recognition as the Student Trustee for 2004-05.




Classified Employee

Outstanding Service Awards


  South Orange County Community College District

  Rebecca Aguilar , Saddleback College



South Orange County Community College District

Loc Pham , District Services

Accepting the award on behalf of Loc Pham was Director of District IT, Dr. Allan MacDougall (right). 

South Orange County Community College District

Georgia McClusky , Irvine Valley College



South Orange County Community College District

The Board passed a resolution declaring the week of May 16 to May 22, 2005 as the Classified School Employees Week.  Connie Zucker was on hand to accept the recognition. 



  • Board President David B. Lang remarked that May was a busy month which culminated in wonderful commencement ceremonies. He congratulated the College Presidents and the entire College communities on the terrific jobs they do to create such memorable events. He was privileged to represent the Board at the scholarship award ceremonies, The Lariat banquet, and the Saddleback College nurse pinning ceremony.


  • Vice President Nancy M. Padberg mentioned that this was the first time she could recall that all Trustees attended both graduations. She thanked the staffs who work so diligently behind the scenes to prepare for the events. She congratulated all graduating students and thanked them for choosing to attend our Colleges. The recent IVC Foundation dinner was a success.


  • Clerk of the Board Thomas A. Fuentes expressed his congratulations to the graduates and thanked President Lang, Vice President Padberg, and the College Presidents for their roles in such dignified commencement ceremonies. He complimented the music programs at both Colleges and extended congratulations to the first graduating class of Soka University .


  • Trustee William O. Jay extended thanks to everyone who was involved in the lovely commencement ceremonies.


  • Trustee Marcia Milchiker commented that the graduation ceremonies were very meaningful and expressed that it was wonderful to see so many faculty members attend. She highlighted a recent activity of the Saddleback College Astronomy Club.


  • Trustee Donald P. Wagner thanked everyone on a job well done on the scholarship and commencement ceremonies. He expressed appreciation to the faculty for their professionalism and increased attendance in commencement ceremonies.


  • Trustee John S. Williams attended the IVC Foundation dinner and the Saddleback College scholarship ceremony. The Saddleback College commencement was very special to him because his daughter was one of the graduates. He proudly announced that his family now has four Saddleback graduates: Trustee Williams and his wife, son and daughter.


  • Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur thanked the Trustees for attending the many events this month, particularly commencement. He also thanked the College Presidents. In the May revise of the state budget, the COLA was increased from 3.93 to 4.23 percent which amounts to as much as $273,000 to our District. Additional funding exceeding $1.6 million is expected from other proposals being considered in Sacramento. Saddleback College is planning to apply for additional funding announced by the Governor for equipment for the nursing program. The Chancellor and IVC President Roquemore attended a meeting to participate in the State Chancellor's Office strategic planning initiative.


  • IVC President Glenn Roquemore 's written report included mention of: Emeritus Institute registered more than 4,000 students last semester, a new record; the District Speech and Debate Team took first place in their fourth consecutive national championship; hosting the World T'ai Chi/Qigong Day; induction of Wing Lam, Wahoo's Fish Taco founder, as IVC Foundation's first Entrepreneur of the Year.


  • Saddleback College President Richard McCullough 's written report included mention of: Nursing Program was chosen by Carnegie Foundation as one of eight in the U.S. selected for a study on teaching and learning; Nursing Program pass rate on the state exam was 96%; Second Annual Computer Science Botball Tournament; students celebrate Multicultural Week; student equity task force completes plan; receipt of two CCPRO awards; Earth Day clean up; and the sold-out film festival.


  • Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP) Provost Robert J. Kopecky 's written report included mention of: work with Hartford Insurance on identifying four potential construction companies for the completion of ATEP buildings; receipt of $1,200 for rental of the helicopter maintenance hangar for a photo and video shoot; Department of State Architect approval of plans for the ATEP campus; and the hiring process underway for the ATEP Director of Public Information and Marketing.





    South Orange County Community College District


  • all consent calendar items, academic personnel actions, and classified personnel actions. If you wish to know specifics, please contact the Office of the President or Deputy Chancellor.


  • $100,000 to assist the Colleges with recruitment of students for fall semester and initiate enrollment management strategies to boost declining enrollments.


  • academic administrators salary schedule and COLA, effective July 1, 2004 and an increase to the schedule equal to the state funding COLA for 2005/06 and 2006/07.


  • Classified leadership salary schedule COLA for 2005/06 and 2006/07.


  • $300,000 for golf driving range net replacement at Saddleback College.


  • order of priorities and schedule of funds of the District's five year construction plan for 2007/08 to 2011/12 for submission to the state Chancellor's Office.


  • additional funding of $290,000 for demolition of buildings on Saddleback College lower campus (D,H,K,M,N, Security Annex, and IT trailers).


  • a contract with Vihlene & Associates, Inc. to assist in negotiations with potential industry users of vacant buildings at ATEP for compensation equal to 20% of the gross revenue collected.


  • mission statements for the District, IVC and Saddleback College.







    South Orange County Community College District


  • The Board discussed Accreditation Team recommendations and received a written report from both Colleges on their progress to date.


  • The Board received the monthly financial status report which is available for viewing through June 30, 2005 with the following link. [April 2005 Financial Status]


  • Correspondence in the Board agenda packet included letters and notes about: District payroll specialist Wendy Rayburn on her excellent customer service; Saddleback College math instructor Karla Westphal for spending extra time with students; Saddleback College math instructors Sumaya McCleve and Will Summers for their thorough and patient teaching; and IVC's Dr. John Licitra and student Francisco Gonzales'attendance at the Saddleback Valley Unified School District Bilingual Community Liaison /Bilingual Parent Advocate meeting.


  • You can watch the board meeting Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28, at 7pm, on Saddleback College Channel 39 and Irvine Valley College Channel 33. SC TV39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, May 29 at 7pm.


South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Thomas A. Fuentes, William O. Jay, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker, Nancy M. Padberg,

Donald P. Wagner, John S. Williams · Raghu P. Mathur, Ed.D., Chancellor

Board Meeting Update Prepared by:
Tracy Daly, Director
Marketing, Government and Community Relations