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NOTICE OF AMENDMENT TO LABOR CODE (Division 2, Part 7, Chapter 1 ): As of July 1, 2014, the new contractor registration program subjects contractors to an annual non-refundable fee (initially set at $300) paid directly to the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).  This applies to all contractors and subcontractors who intend to work on public works projects.  On-line registration (payable only by credit card) will mandate minimum qualifications including (1) workers compensation coverage for any employees, (2) the use of subcontractors who are also registered public works contractors, (3) CSLB contractor licenses, if applicable, (4) no outstanding unpaid wage or penalty assessments due to any employee or agency, (5) no debarments and no recent registration violations, and (6) no prior violation of registration requirements once the requirements become effective.   


Advertisements for bids and RFQ&P's. Please click on bid number and/or underlined area to view (to view Bid Documents, go to BID DOCUMENTS section below).


These documents are for your information only. To bid any projects, obtain hardcopy documents per the bid notice. All questions must be addressed to the parties identified in the specifications.

Please click on bid number or underlined area to view.