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Employees and their dependents receive coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP). Our insurance allows for primary eyecare services including an examination, contact lenses and two pairs of eyeglasses every 12 months. Laser vision correction surgery is also covered at a reduced price from VSP-approved laser surgeons and centers to correct problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

VSP doctors can detect signs of health conditions and may assist you in coordinating care with your primary care physician, if necessary, to help keep you and your eyes healthy. VSP is designed to cover primary eyecare services only and there are exclusions including medication, pre- and post-operative services and surgical or pathological treatment.

To use VSP, simply call a VSP network doctor to schedule an appointment and tell them you are a VSP member. You pay applicable copays and taxes, plus the amount over your allotted coverage, as outlined in the chart below. VSP will pay the provider directly for your services and eyewear. To find an eyecare provider, simply go to the VSP website or call the toll free number. It is very easy to create an account on the VSP website to view your benefit information and check on the date of the last visual exam for you and your dependents.

To better understand how to access the out of network benefits with VSP, it is recommended that you call the toll free number and discuss allowances and eligibility with a plan representative. You will need to submit a claim for reimbursement if you see a provider other than a VSP doctor. 

General Information

Summary plan description


Below is an overview of vision plan benefits available to employees and their dependents every 12 months. 


Plan Benefits Overview


VSP Doctor


Non-Member Provider

Well Vision Exam


$10 copay


$10 deductible and up to $45

Eyeglass Lenses        
Single Vision   Plan pays 100% of basic lens   $45 for single vision
Lined Bifocal       $65 for bifocal
trifocal lenses       $85 for trifocal



Up to $120 allowance + 20% discount on amount over allowance


First and second pair up to $47 each



Additional lenses and frames beyond two pairs


$20 copay






$50 copay covers  contact lens exam and a year’s supply of contacts


$50 deductible and reimbursement up to $250


Laser correction surgery


15% off regular price or 5% off promotional price




Sunglasses for those with laser correction surgery


Frame allowance can be applied of $120 on each of first and second pair and 20% discount on amount over allowance



Visit SharePoint for a full plan description