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Orange County Community Colleges Legislative Task Force (OCCCLTF)

The District is a member of the Orange County Community Colleges Legislative Task Force (OCCCLTF), a coalition of the four community college districts in Orange County.  Together, we advocate for legislation, public policy and funding which affect student access to higher education, community college governance, and job training opportunities for more than 300,000 students in Orange County. Click here for an overview of OCCCLTF mission, objectives, membership, and legislative priorities for 2018-2019.

Orange County Public Education Partnership (OCPEP)

South Orange County Community College District is also a member of the Orange County Public Education Partnership (OCPEP), an advocacy group comprised of all public community colleges and universities in Orange County. Together, we work to protect education as an investment and economic contributor in Orange County. We advocate on issues such as funding sustainability, student financial aid, regulatory relief, and economic and workforce development.

Legislative Advocacy

We meet with legislative representatives to communicate on important education and workforce development issues. We partner with legislators to support measures that enhance student success and access. For an overview of the District's legislative priorities for the year, please click on the document for more information. Legislative Priorities 2019-2020

Important Resources and Partners

Find your State Legislator

District Student Headcount by Congressional District, Spring 2019

California Community College Chancellor's Office, Division of Governmental Relations

Community College League of California

California Legislative Analyst's Office


SOCCCD Represenatives in the California State Assembly

Assembly Member Steven Choi (AD-68)

Assembly Member William P. Brough (AD-73)

Assembly Member Cottie Petrie-Norris (AD-74)


SOCCCD Representatives in the California State Senate

Senator Patricia Bates (SD-36)

Senator John Moorlach (SD-37)