August 27, 2018

  • Invocation by Trustee Marcia Milchiker
  • Pledge of Allegiance by Trustee T.J. Prendergast


  • Board Reports:
    • Trustee Jay welcomed faculty and staff back to the 2018/19 academic year and welcomed Chancellor Burke to the District. She extended her thanks to everyone involved in Opening Week events and reported that she had attended many of the week’s activities and found the presentations to be extremely informative.
    • President Jemal shared that he was unable to attend Opening Week ceremonies due to a family vacation out of the country. He also recognized the recent passing of Senator McCain and acknowledged his service to the country.
    • Trustee Lang was unable to attend Opening Week activities as he and his wife had been traveling. He gave his best wishes to staff and faculty for another successful academic year. He too expressed sadness at the recent passing of a number of elected officials and well-known public figures, including Senator McCain.
    • Trustee Milchiker noted that she attended an executive briefing for OC educational leaders at Brandman University, along with Chancellor Burke and Vice Chancellor Gabel. She also attended the Saddleback College Paramedic Graduation in Rancho Santa Margarita and the District’s Annual Professional Development Week where she enjoyed 18 informative presentations. As the Board’s Vice-President, she had the honor of providing “Greetings from the Board” at the District, IVC and Saddleback College Opening Week Sessions.
    • Trustee Prendergast stated that he had no report.
    • Trustee Whitt welcomed everyone back to a new academic year. She attended three events during in-service week and was delighted to attend and hear the Chancellor’s remarks at Opening Session. She thanked Chancellor Burke for her outstanding and refreshing presentation. She stated that she also appreciated the two Presidents’ opening sessions and the staff who assisted with hosting the events, especially the centerpieces that were made by the groundskeeper from at IVC.
    • Trustee Wright commented that he too attended a number of events. A total of 14. He too complimented the Chancellor on her opening session address. He is very impressed about happenings at both campuses.
    • Student Trustee Hoang informed the Board that she had attended a Student League conference in San Francisco and found it to be very educational and rewarding. She attended a number of activities at Opening Week and particularly enjoyed Chancellor Burke and her perspective on the mindset of today’s incoming students.
    • Chancellor’s Report: Chancellor Kathleen Burke informed the Board that the 2018/19 academic year is off to a successful start.  She stated that the District welcomed a total of 12 new faculty members: five at IVC and seven at Saddleback. She also mentioned that during her Opening Session on August 14, a total of 59 pins had been awarded to faculty for years of service. Written Report
    • Irvine Valley College President’s Report: President Glenn Roquemore echoed that he too enjoyed attending the Chancellor’s Opening Session and her remarks. He informed the board that IVC’s Laser Week was a big success, attended by over 800 incoming students. Irvine Valley College
    • Saddleback College President’s Report: Interim President James Buysse had a very successful opening week at Saddleback. The Promise program launched with a reception which was attended by students, parents, family and friends which demonstrated the importance of family support. The national rankings just came out and Saddleback’s Nursing Program ranked 2nd in the nation. Saddleback College
    • Associated Student Government Presidents’ Reports: Irvine Valley College ASG President Matthew Rosborough informed the Board that the remodeled offices of Student Life and Equity are now open and invited everyone to visit the new facility. They have been tackling issues including the lack of affordable housing and the need to assist students with food resources. Irvine Valley College Saddleback College ASG President Perry Meade informed the Board that SC ASG is working with a number of organizations on the upcoming Candidate’s forum. Also, has been working with IVC to tackle non-academic barriers faced by students, especially the lack of affordable housing.


  • Consent Calendar Items
    • Approved minutes of Regular Meeting held on July 30, 2018.
    • Approved Irvine Valley College Curriculum Revisions for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. 
    • Approved agreement for DSA Inspection Services for the Irvine Valley College, Health Center – Concession and New Parking Lot Phase 1A projects, for a not to exceed amount of $186,660.
    • Authorized filing the Notice of Completion for the Irvine Valley College Site Work for DSPS Portable project to Amtek Construction, for a final contract amount of $85,333.
    • Approved the Dual Enrollment, SOCCCD (Irvine Valley College) - Capistrano and Tustin Unified School Districts’ College & Career Access Pathways Partnership Agreement, for the term of August 20, 2018 to August 21, 2020.
    • Approved the proposed Cooperative Work Experience Plan prepared by the Irvine Valley and Saddleback Colleges.
    • Approved proposed curriculum changes for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years at Saddleback College.
    • Accepted for review and study, Accreditation Follow-up Reports prepared by Saddleback and Irvine Valley Colleges.
    • Approved the sale or disposal of miscellaneous furniture and equipment and authorized the Executive Director of Procurement, Central Services and Risk Management to hire a private auction firm to conduct the auction, and to donate, recycle or dispose of items not sold at the auction.
    • Adopted a resolution to amend the FY 2017-2018 Adopted Budget.


  • General Action Items
    • Held a Public Hearing for members of the public to present comments regarding a contract for the Irvine Valley College Prop 39 Clean Energy project and adopted a resolution authorizing entering into a contract with Amtek Construction, for a total of $600,932.
    • Following a presentation by Vice Chancellor Ann-Marie Gabel, the Board approved the FY 2018-2019 Adopted Budget totaling $716,932,000 as presented. Item 6.4 Exhibits A-B
    • Approved the FY 2018-2019 Adopted Student Associated Government budgets as presented. Item 6.5 Exhibits A-B
    • Approved the Design-Build Agreement with McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. for the Saddleback College ATAS Building project, for a total contract amount of $48,887,045.


Viewing On-Line/TV

The board meeting may be viewed online at Television broadcasts are scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, August 31 and Saturday, September 1 on SC Channel 39 and IVC Channel 33. SC TV 39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, September 2 at 7 pm.

South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Timothy Jemal, President

Marcia Milchiker, Vice-President

David B. Lang, Member

T.J. Prendergast III, Member

Terri Whitt, Member

James R. Wright, Member

Evelyn Hoang, Student Trustee

South Orange County Community College District Chancellor

Kathleen F. Burke, Ed.D.

Board Meeting Highlights Prepared By:
Heather Moro

Interim Director of Public Affairs & Government Relations