September 24, 2018



The 10th Annual Veteran’s Resource Fair, September 4th, was attended by over 75 non-profit and governmental veteran-serving agencies. The event featured a housing/homeless resource panel. Orange County Board of Supervisor Lisa Bartlett awarded the college a resolution for 10 years of such a meaningful event and also commended faculty member Terence Nelson with a resolution for his dedication to our local veterans.  


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Pictured left to right: Trustee Jim Wright, Saddleback College Interim President Jim Buysse, Chancellor Kathleen Burke, Community member Joyce Van Schaack, OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, Trustee Marcia Milchiker, and Saddleback College VETS Program Coordinator Terence Nelson.










  • Invocation by Trustee T.J. Prendergast
  • Pledge of Allegiance by Trustee Terri Whitt
  • Board Reports:
    • Trustee Jay thanked everyone who worked so hard to make the Saddleback College 50th Anniversary so wonderful. She particularly enjoyed meeting up with retired colleagues, faculty and staff. She also enjoyed playing the games at the BBQ.
    • President Jemal stated that he was unable to attend the Saddleback College BBQ celebration but heard nothing but wonderful reviews. Saddleback is a special place and is one of the best colleges in the state and the nation.
    • Trustee Lang congratulated the College President and staff on Saddleback College’s 50th anniversary and everyone who works diligently to sustain the College’s outstanding reputation.
    • Trustee Milchiker reported that she and Chancellor Burke attended the Orange County Community Colleges Legislative Task Force on September 13. The meeting was hosted by the Coast Community College District. She announced that she attended the International Debate Showcase at IVC where debaters from IVC debated a delegation of Rwandan students. The debate was judged to be a tie. Thanks to Professors Gary Rybold, Professor Bill Neeson and the debate team staff. Trustee Milchiker also commented on attending the Saddleback College’s 50th Anniversary Celebration and enjoyed the cake cutting, photo opps, engagement booths and seeing so many retired faculty and staff.
    • Trustee Prendergast echoed comments by other Trustees congratulating Saddleback College on their 50th anniversary.
    • Trustee Whitt stated that she has spent more than three quarters of her life at Saddleback College and loves it more today than at any other time. Reminded everyone to be sure to have fun while attending and working at Saddleback. She also mentioned that she visited the Library today and found that there is a vending machine for low-income students to receive food at no charge.
    • Trustee Wright commented that he had the honor of leading the pledge of allegiance at the recent Veterans event. He also attended recent Saddleback College Football Games. He also attended the Saddleback College Celebratory event and enjoyed it immensely. Lastly, he congratulated Saddleback College for receiving a prestigious national science award.
    • Student Trustee Hoang also congratulated Saddleback College on its Anniversary. On September 21, she attended a leadership workshop and learned about resources that the Equity Program offers. Upcoming, she is working with Saddleback and IVC student leadership to schedule monthly forums at both campuses.
    • Chancellor’s Report: Chancellor Kathleen Burke congratulated Saddleback on its 50th Anniversary. She reported to the Board that two letters had been sent to Governor Brown this past month urging his support for AB 3101 and the creation of a Community College Teachers Credentialing Partnership Program. She also announced that SOCCCD was among the first in OC to close its fiscal year budget! And lastly, the Chancellor announced that all positions in the Business Services Department have been filled.  Written Report
    • Irvine Valley College President’s Report: President Glenn Roquemore congratulated Saddleback College on its anniversary celebration and mentioned that he particularly enjoyed attending an event with a number of the original faculty. Irvine Valley College Written Report
    • Saddleback College President’s Report: Interim President James Buysse thanked IVC for a very special Resolution in honor of the 50th Celebration. He also thanked the many staff members who worked together to make the 50th Anniversary so special.  Saddleback College Written Report
    • Associated Student Government Presidents’ reports: Irvine Valley College ASG President Matthew Rosborough congratulated Saddleback on its 50th Anniversary celebration.  ASIVC Written Report. Saddleback College ASG President Perry Meade was absent. 
  • Discussion Items
    • A presentation about performance indicators for Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College regarding the “Student Success Scorecard for Community Colleges” was provided by: Jennifer Klein, Saddleback College; Loris Fagioli, Irvine Valley College; and Denice Inciong, District Services.Item 4.1; Exhibit A ; PowerPoint Presentation
  • Consent Calendar Items
    • Approved minutes of the Regular Meeting held on August 27, 2018. Item 5.1 Exhibit A
    • Approved Saddleback College Curriculum Revisions for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Academic Years. Item 5.2 Exhibits A-C
    • Approved the Accreditation Follow-up reports prepared by the colleges. Item 5.3 Exhibits A-B
    • Authorized filing the Notice of Completion for the Saddleback College Landscape and Marquees project. Item 5.5 Exhibit A
    •  Authorized filing the Notice of Completion for the Saddleback College TV Station Installation project. Item 5.6 Exhibit A
    • Approved Amendment with Academic Chess to provide Community Education programs at an amount not to exceed $115,000 per fiscal year for services provided from July 2, 2018 through June 30, 2020. Item 5.7 Exhibit A
    • Authorized filing the Notice of Completion, for the Irvine Valley College Library Building Waterproofing project. Item 5.8 Exhibit A
    • Authorized filing the Notice of Completion for the Irvine Valley College Parking Lot 3 Improvements project. Item 5.9 Exhibit A
    • Approved the colleges’ student out of state travel requests. Item 5.10 Exhibit A
    • Approved the Contract for Cogeneration and Central Utility Plant Operation, Maintenance, and Environmental Compliance Services with Veolia Energy Solutions, LLC for a term of three months with a fixed total contract value of $134,051 commencing on October 1, 2018. Item 5.11 Exhibit A
    • Approved an agreement for the Operations of Before and After School and Summer Enrichment, Activities, and Camps Program, with the Capistrano Unified School District. Item 5.12 Exhibit A
    • Approved the purchase of hardware, software, and implementation services from BeyondTrust using value added reseller PCM-G leveraging the CMAS contract. Item 5.13 Exhibits A-B
    • Adopted Resolutions in Support of Undocumented Student Action Week, October 15-19, 2018. Item 5.17 Exhibit A
  •  General Action Items
    • Approved annual individual travel expenditures of the chancellor and trustees and approved report of all district compensation received by each trustee during the 2017-18 fiscal year. Item 6.1 Exhibits A-B
    • Approved Board Change Order No. 3 for the Saddleback College Stadium and Site Improvement project and authorize staff to execute the corresponding change order with PCL Construction Services, Inc., resulting in an increase of $1,367,114, for a revised contract total of $52,267,204. Item 6.2 Exhibit A
    • Approved the award to Saddleback College from the National Science Foundation for $8,819,760 for Program Announcement NSF 18-529, over a five-year period from September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2023. Item 6.3 Exhibits A-B
    • Approved the award from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office from the Veterans Resource Center Program grant to Saddleback College in the amount of $200,000 for the period of October 1, 2018 through December 31, 2021. Item 6.4 Exhibits A-C
    • Approved the contract with Ivanti, Inc. for the purchase of software licenses, hosting services, and implementation service for a cost not to exceed $729,104.88 for a contract period of September 28, 2018 through September 27, 2023. Item 6.5 Exhibits A-I
    • Approved the use of the existing FCCC ComputerLand of Silicon Valley agreement for the Microsoft Campus License Agreement for the remaining two (2) years of the three (3) year term, October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2020, at a cost not to exceed $350,000 per year. Item 6.6 Exhibit A
    • Welcomed the following new faculty and staff: Lizzet Bobadilla, Counselor at IVC; Sanja Apodac, Laboratory Assistant, Saddleback College; Monserat Arango, District Financial Aid Specialist; Kristin Duggins, Manager, office of the Chancellor and Trustee Services; Melissa Louise Francke, District Admissions and Records Specialist; Julian Violeta Kavazov, Financial Aid Specialist; Matthew Lamason, Network Systems Technician, Saddleback College; Cecilia Gaye Ray, District Senior Accounting Specialist.
  •  Reports
    • Congratulated the 2019 Teacher of the Year honorees: Kenneth Lee, Horticulture Instructor from Saddleback College and Kari Tucker-McCorkhill, Psychology Instructor from Irvine Valley College. Item 7.2
    • Staff provided a report on the current status of construction projects contained in the District’s Facilities Plan. Item 7.4 Exhibit A




Viewing On-Line/TV

The board meeting may be viewed online at Television broadcasts are scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, September 28 and Saturday, September 29 on SC Channel 39 and IVC Channel 33. SC TV 39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, September 30 at 7 pm.

South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Timothy Jemal, President

Marcia Milchiker, Vice-President

David B. Lang, Member

T.J. Prendergast III, Member

Terri Whitt, Member

James R. Wright, Member

Evelyn Hoang, Student Trustee

South Orange County Community College District Chancellor

Kathleen F. Burke, Ed.D.

Board Meeting Highlights Prepared By:
Heather Moro

Interim Director of Public Affairs & Government Relations