Board Meeting Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights

February 22, 2016

THE BOARD APPROVED ..............................................................

South Orange County Community College District

  • All consent calendar items, general action items, and academic and classified personnel actions with revisions to 6.12*. For additional information, please contact the Chancellor, College President or appropriate Vice Chancellor.
  • Curriculum Revisions for the 2016-17 Academic Year for both colleges.
  • Revision of Instructional Material Fees in Math, Science and Engineering Courses.
  • Amendment No. 2 of Saddleback College Cafeteria Operation Services agreement with S & B Foods for the first one-year extension beginning July 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2016.
  • Out-of-state travel for eight Saddleback students and one faculty advisor to attend the 64th Annual NSNA Convention in Orlando, Florida at a cost not to exceed $6,764.48.
  • Saddleback Study Abroad Programs to Southeastern Brazil; Santander, Spain; and Ireland.
  • Saddleback student out of state travel for Fashion 218: New York Study Tour, New York, NY.
  • IVC Model United Nations Program out-of-state conference travel for up to 20 students and two faculty advisors to attend the National Model United Nations-New York Conference at a cost not to exceed $20,060.04 and no impact to the general fund.
  • IVC Out-of-State Travel to the 2016 College Band Directors National Association conference.
  • Western/Northwestern Regional Conference with no impact to the general fund.
  • IVC out-of-state student travel for up to eight students and two faculty advisors to attend the Phi Theta Kappa Nevada/California Regional Conference.
  • Community Education courses, presenters, and compensation for Summer Session 2016 for both colleges.
  • Amendment No. 1 with Digital Architecture of Lakeland, FL, for Digital Catalog Software/Digital Architectures services to provide the first one-year extension beginning November 20, 2015 and ending November 19, 2016, in an amount not to exceed $25,493 for annual operational fees.
  • Agreement with Office Max Solutions for an additional year - March 27, 2016 through March 26, 2017.
  • Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust Actuary Report and allocate $6.4 million for the unfunded liability and $4.7 million to fund the normal cost for FY 2016-2016.
  • Nomination of IVC employee Corine Reymond for the Board of Governors 2016 Classified Employee of the Year Award.
  • FY 2018 – 2019 Five Year Construction Plan.
  • Ratify the contract take over agreement and the lease agreement with Mobile Modular Management Corporation for five mobile modular units to be used for Irvine Valley College instruction, effective January 1, 2016 for a 36 month contract period.
  • District-wide ADA Transition Plan Consultant Services agreement with Cordoba Corporation in the amount of $616,176.
  • Resolution No. 16-04 to establish the SOCCCD Pension Rate Stabilization Program Fund and to authorize funding the known liability of $39.6 million in the SOCCCD Pension Rate Stabilization Program Fund by committing to allocate $14.5 million in the current fiscal year, $12.6 million in FY 2016-2017 and the remaining $12.6 million in FY 2017-2018 for unrestricted general fund positions.  These amounts will be used when developing the FY 2016-2017 and FY 2017-2018 SOCCCD budgets.
  • Tenure Track items: Approval of one-year contract for employees who have completed one year as full-time tenure-track faculty members, two-year contract for employees who have completed two years as full-time tenure-track faculty members, and approval of tenure for full-time faculty members who have completed the four-year tenure-track plan.

* Mike Engels removed from list while serving as Interim Dean.


  • Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College discussed active shooter preparations and training in response to Trustee Whitt's request for report. Saddleback College Police Chief Pat Higa and IVC Police Chief Will Glen provided a high level overview of the plans, including:

1.) Infrastructure - integrate the campus community with county dispatch, provide feeds from public safety cameras on campus, practice access control and lock downs.
2.) Prevention
- advocate for confidential online reporting and tracking, work with the OC Intelligence Assessment Center to assess threats, prepare and train for crisis intervention during and after an incident, and increase staff and student awareness through constant training, materials and outreach. Campus police train with the OC Sheriff and Fire Authority both on and off campus to integrate communications and decrease response times. A 5-year training program is in place. Safety videos are posted on the college websites, emergency guide folders and CERT training are widely distributed on campus.

3.) Training - students and staff training is critical to prepare for a possible event. Simulation exercises are conducted with local police departments, OC Sheriff, and active shooter response teams to address movement patterns, hostage situations, and conduct door breaching exercises. 4.) Emergency Preparedness Plans - Both campuses have extensive plans in place. IVC is installing Code Blue phones, integrated security camera/electronic door locking systems, lockdown options and first floor window shades. Both campuses have emergency messaging services which can mass communicate using text, email, and calls.

5.) What you can do now. Campus police chiefs highly encourage staff to view the safety videos provided on the college websites: and

Click here to see their presentations:

REPORTS .............................................................................

  • Trustee Prendergast attended the CCLC Trustee Effectiveness conference, AACC Pathways Institute, a session a new 2+2+1 accounting pathway with IVC and Cal State Fullerton, the President's Cup games, and a town hall meeting with Rep. Mimi Walters presentation. He thanked the board for his CCCT board nomination. Trustee Jay attended the CCLC Trustee Effectiveness conference and an event hosted by the foundation board of governors, and A Night in Historic Motown. Trustee Jemal attended the Saddleback economic coalition event and appreciated the content and data presented and the great showing of elected official. He appeared on Laguna Woods TV Channel 6 to promote the colleges events and Emeritus classes. He attended a Team IVC dinner. Trustee Lang attended the President's Cup, a meeting of the audit committee which included going over the current year plans. He appreciates all of the financial folks district-wide who do a fantastic job. Trustee Milchiker attended the funeral for Jack Schwartzbaugh and expressed her appreciation for the history project under way in his memory to ensure that Saddleback's history is preserved. She attended the OC Legislative Task Force meeting where the four Orange County districts discussed Proposition 30 and many legislative bills. She attended a Science lecture series at Saddleback. She enjoyed the SC economic coalition presentation and A Night in Historic Motown. Trustee Whitt enjoyed the CCLC Trustee Effectiveness conference and said it was a growing experience for her, especially the sessions on legislative bills and policy changes. She has a much greater respect for the position. She was sad to miss Jack Schwartzbaugh's funeral. She attended the SC economic coalition which was fantastic. She enjoyed A Night in Historic Motown. Student Trustee Momand attended a Teach In on Islam at Saddleback and found it very interesting. He is happy to see the college taking an active role in helping students understand each other. He enjoyed attending a meeting at IVC.
  • Chancellor Gary Poertner highlighted the evening's presentation on active shooter. He commented that it would be a high level overview as not all details should be shared in the interest of public safety. A professional development day for district services employees is being planned for March 22. The mandatory session will focus on supporting the colleges as well as an overview of accreditation efforts and the role of district services.
  • Saddleback College - President Tod Burnett's written report included: Saddleback College, in partnership with the South Orange County Economic Coalition, released the 2016 South Orange County Economic Report at the South Orange County Economic Forecast  luncheon on Feb. 5. More than 300 elected officials,business and industry representatives, and community members attended to hear details of the report authored by Anthony Teng, dean of advanced technology and applied science. The report includes demographics, employment statistics, and key industry sectors in the south Orange County region. A Teach-In on Islam was held on Feb. 9 for guests to hear speakers who offered explanations of the Quran,the principles of Islam, the role of women in Islam and Muslim life. The Saddleback College Gala will be held on March 12 at 6:00 pm at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott.
  • Irvine Valley College - President Glenn Roquemore’s written report included: Director of Health and Wellness Center and Veteran Services Center Nancy Montgomery is serving on the board for the National Association of Veterans Program Administrators (NAVPA). She and her Saddleback colleague, Terence Nelson, will attend the annual meeting in Washington, D.C and will conduct visits with legislators to advocate for the welfare of our student veterans. Vice President for Student Services Linda Fontanilla and her staff, Angela Mahaney and Maria Nunez, coordinated a book group to discuss " Redesigning America's Community Colleges: A Clear Path to Student Success." A First Amendment forum was held for approximately 200 students, faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Presidents' Oral Report - Presidents Glenn Roquemore and Tod Burnett provided an update on facilities and construction projects under way at each of the colleges.

IN MEMORIAM ........................................................................

The board adjourned the meeting in memory of:

Lisa Austin, senior administrative assistant in the Health Sciences and Human Services Division. Lisa was an employee of Saddleback College for over 20 years.  She started her career at the college as a mail clerk, and later worked in health sciences as a program specialist and senior administrative assistant.  

Dr. Juan Francisco Lara, retired Vice Chancellor at the University of California, Irvine and Chairman of the Orange County Hispanic Education Endowment Fund who inspired thousands of Orange County students, including many from our two colleges.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family, friends and colleagues.


VIEWING ONLINE/TV..................................................................

The board meeting may be viewed online at Television broadcasts are scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, Feb. 26 and Saturday, Feb. 27 on SC Channel 39 and IVC Channel 33.  SC TV 39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, Feb. 28 at 7 pm.


South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Barbara J. Jay, Timothy Jemal, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker, T.J. Prendergast III,
Terri Whitt, James R. Wright; Lemar Momand, Student Trustee

Gary L. Poertner, Chancellor


Board Meeting Highlights Prepared By:
Tere Fluegeman, District Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations