July 17, 2017



  • All consent calendar items, general action items, and academic and classified personnel actions. For additional information, please contact the Chancellor, College President or appropriate Vice Chancellor.
  • The board conducted a public hearing to certify an Addendum to the Program Environmental Impact Report for the 2011 Saddleback College Facilities Master Plan and the 2011 Irvine Valley College Facilities Master Plan and adopted Resolution No. 17-20.
  • Change the ATAS Renovation project to the ATAS Building project resulting in a new 45,000 square foot building with an estimated project budget of $47,175,000 and adopt Resolution No. 17-21 to authorize use of Design-Build delivery method.
  • The board conducted a public hearing and adopted Resolution No. 17-19 declaring its intention to enter into an agreement with Pacific Bell Telephone Company dba AT&T California for grant of easement at ATEP Site Utilities and Infrastructure Phase I project and to schedule a public hearing for August 21, 2017.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 17-17 establishing the required State constitutional appropriations limit for FY 2017-2018.
  • Board Policy Revisions to: BP-2102 Recognition of United States and California Flags, BP-3400 Vandalism, BP-3420 Local Law Enforcement, BP-3950 Unmanned Aircraft Systems, BP-4011.3 Hiring Policy for Classified Staff, BP-5614 Withholding of Student Records, BP-5620 College Level Examination Program (CLEP).
  • Contracting with Krueger International pursuant to the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) Administrative Services Agreement No. CB 13-013 for furniture and fixtures replacement expenditures not exceed $1,500,000 from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.
  • Contracting with Haworth pursuant to the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) Administrative Services Agreement No. CB 13-014 for furniture and fixtures replacement expenditures not exceed $1,500,000 from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.
  • Contracting with Steelcase pursuant to the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) Administrative Services Agreement No. CB 13-015 for furniture and fixtures replacement expenditures not exceed $1,500,000 from October 2, 2013 through October 1, 2018.
  • Adopt Resolution No. 17-18 Classified Employee/Position Layoff Adopt to approve the reduction/discontinuance of specially funded classified service positions associated with the TAACCCT Grant.
  • Accept for review and study the district/faculty association joint initial proposal regarding part-time faculty reemployment rights.




  • Trustee Whitt spoke about her recent legislative visits in Washington, DC and she appreciated meeting with Rep. Mimi Walter's office, the Dept. of Education, and the House VA Health committee. She attended the medical assistant's ceremony and enjoyed the student speeches. She attended the South Orange County Economic Coalition luncheon where Supv. Lisa Bartlett gave an excellent presentation about all the major projects going on around OC, including infrastructure and transportation. Trustee Milchiker attended a meet and greet for incoming Acting Saddleback President Whittaker. She is looking forward to professional development week in August which provides an opportunity to learn what's happening at the colleges. She highlighted the upcoming public forums for the Saddleback College president interviews during professional development week and commented how important these are for transparency and inclusion. She encouraged everyone to attend and provide feedback. Trustee Lang enjoyed meeting Denise Whitakker. He also enjoyed participating in filming for a marketing video to commemorate the district's 50th anniversary which will be aired at Chancellor's Opening Session. Trustee Wright enjoyed meeting Denise Whittaker and thinks she is just right for the interim role. Trustee Jemal read into record a compelling letter he received from a Saddleback student athlete who shared his experience of success, both on the cross country team and academically. He highlighted the unwavering dedication of the learning resource center, faculty, administration and athletics staff who guided him to a successful transfer to USC. Trustee Jay attended Denise Whittaker's meet and greet, the South Orange County Economic Coalition luncheon, and a tour of ATEP with Mary Opel, site development director. She was impressed with the building's progress. She also attended an IVC foundation retreat where she learned how to promote the foundation to the community in a one minute message. She announced that the IVC Foundation Gala will be held on March 10. Trustee Prendergast attended an ACCOC meeting, a coordinating council of OC cities, where he learned about battery storage options and other clean energy ideas that school districts and other public entities can consider. Student Trustee Larson attended Shakespeare in the Park and commented that it is a great way to connect the college and community. He attended the medical assistant's ceremony and was impressed with the passion of Saddleback's health services faculty and staff.
  • Interim Chancellor Debra Fitzsimons' written report included: The Accrediting Commission on Community and Junior Colleges reaffirmed accreditation for both Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College with multiple commendations. Plans for the Chancellor’s Opening Session are underway!  The program will focus on a retrospective of the last year and goals for the coming year. A light breakfast will be provided at the beginning of the event, and we’ll close with a reception and celebration of the district’s 50th anniversary on the Fine Arts Courtyard.  One hundred sixteen employees district-wide have opted into the Public Agency Retirement System (PARS) agreement. Overall, 30 faculty, 63 classified staff, and 23 managers are retiring this year. The Office of Human Resources is very busy with hiring new full-time faculty. On June 21st, a group orientation was conducted to onboard new full-time faculty. She welcomed Acting Saddleback College President Denise Whittaker. She also announced that the district will soon welcome an Acting Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, Diane Clerou, while the permanent search is under way for that position. Additionally, Jim Buysse will start on August 1 as the Acting Vice Chancellor of Business Services.


  • Acting Saddleback College President Denise Whittaker’s written report included: The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges reaffirmed Saddleback College’s accreditation.  The ACCJC gave Saddleback high marks, with the college and district receiving 10 commendations highlighting some of the college’s efforts.  The college will submit a followup report to the commission in October 2018. Saddleback College was selected as one of 11 schools chosen to participate in the 2017-2018 OpenStax Institutional Partnership Program to encourage use of free, peer-reviewed textbooks on campus. Goodwill of Orange County’s Tierney Center for Veteran Services presented veteran student Faison Phillip with a Veterans Services Award and a $1,000 scholarship on June 28. The 2017 VETS Program End of Year Celebration was held. Noah Southworth was awarded Student Veteran of the Year.Acting President Whittaker shared her appreciation for the warm welcome. She is looking forward to making changes and improvements that will help the new permanent President.


  • Irvine Valley College - President Glenn Roquemore’s written report included: IVC participated in Pathways Project Institute #5, Pathway Design II: Pathways to Transfer and Employment. The six-week enriched Summer Bridge program at IVC began on July 5 and consists of 90 incoming freshmen recruited from local high schools and Guaranteed Account Program (GAP4+1) students. The Summer Bridge Program helps to smooth the transition of graduating high school seniors entering into freshmen classes at IVC and sets common goals for successful outcomes.  IVC’s Career Technical Education Office and Summer Bridge Program partnered to offer workshops designed for high school student entrepreneurs. Approximately 73 California Community College leaders will participate in the Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA) Admin 101 week-long "boot camp" for administrators and managers on July 23rd.  On June 9, the IVC Classified Senate held its second annual Professional Development Summit for classified staff at the Ocean Institute. President Roquemore welcomed Acting President Whittaker. He commented that summer is a time for budgeting and strategic planning.




The board meeting may be viewed online at www.socccd.edu. Television broadcasts are scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22 on SC Channel 39 and IVC Channel 33. SC TV 39 has an additional broadcast on Sunday, July 23 at 7 pm.


South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Barbara J. Jay, Timothy Jemal, David B. Lang, Marcia Milchiker,
T.J. Prendergast III, Terri Whitt, James R. Wright; Jordan J. Larson, Student Trustee

Debra L. Fitzsimons, Interim Chancellor


Board Meeting Highlights Prepared By:
Tere Fluegeman

Public and Government Affairs